10 Guitar Pick Alternatives

Ask any guitarist and one thing he will surely agree on is :

That Guitar Picks keeps on missing every time without even a clue. 

It keeps on happening so frequently that you must need to figure out a guitar pick alternatives idea to save you from this frequent mishaps.

I always feel that Damn!!! the picks were here 5 seconds ago and now they are completely missing from the entire universe.

Now, what can I use instead of a guitar pick ?

In this situation the best solution is that you keep more than a dozen of picks in your guitar case or bag.

Here is a cheapest guitar pick available all over the internet --> 299+ picks at just $17

I strongly suggest that try to play with the same thickness of guitar pick every time. Even a minor change in the thickness can hinder your performances or your practice.

But, we are here to discuss the alternate guitar picks (plectrum) option which we can use whenever required or can craft one out of thin air.

So lets look how to make a guitar pick real quick.

Coins - The Quickest Substitute For Guitar Pick

Coin - The Best Alternate For Guitar Picks

I am sure you may have used coins as the guitar pick before and they are totally worth it for just couple of times.

But, It may sound like a quick fix and of course it is the quickest fix but is surely not good for your guitar in long run.

If you are playing a song which requires picking at a good speed then the strings will face a lot of unnecessary tension which is not good at all.

So In short Coins are good and quick pick alternate but for only slow songs and just for a couple of songs only.

Sim Cards

Sim Cards

Another quickest fix is the use of Sim card as a guitar pick. The thickness is not as that of a regular plectrum but still it is quite handy and is of relatively same size.

The only criteria you need to take care of is that the size of today's sim cards are smaller (nano sim on mobile devices) as compared to old sim cards.

Sim card wont damage the guitar strings and is a quickest and easiest fix for the moment.

Credit/Debit Cards

Credit - Debit cards as an alternate

The closest perfect guitar pick can be easily made from regular plastic card like the old credit or debit card.

The thickness and vibration of these cards are closely resembles a 0.71 mm guitar plectrum.

It wont even hurt the guitar strings and won't break easily too.

Making the picks from guitar is also quite easy 1) Just outline the pick shape on the card. 2) Cut it with scissor 3) File the edges and its done. You can color it further if you want

Plastic Ruler

Plastic Ruler

The Old school plastic scales (ruler) can also be a good alternate guitar pick.

Just follow the above instructions to make it too but don't forget to file the edges as the ruler edges are quite sharp and can your fingers.


CD - DVD - Good Guitar Pick Alternate Option

CD or DVD can also be crafted as guitar plectrum but crafting them is bit hard as compared to cards or rulers as cutting the shape of pick is quite challenging because the CD's easily gets broken and cutting them in a definite shape is bit tough.

Also file down the pointy edges of CD's too before using

Old Circuit Board

Used Circuit Board

A circuit board is also quite good to craft a guitar pick.

Just find a old circuit board, cut down the shape and file the corners and back of the board and its done.

Bottle/Jar Caps

Bottle - Jar Caps as quick secondry options

The caps of plastic bottles can also serve the purpose but are too flimsy than the options mentioned above.

It will surely hinder your performances it is also a quick fix but not a trust worthy one.

Stiff Cardboard

CardBoard Box

It is also a good idea get s stiff cardboard of approx 0.65 mm.

I am saying stiff cardboard to make sure it wont bend during your play, cut the shape and its done.

To minimize the risk of bending I suggest to wrap the pick with adhesive tape.

Small Planks or Thin Wood

Small Planks Or Thin Woods

Now this is not a quick fix but is surely a wonderful DIY task for your coming weekend to be proud of.

Making a pick for your guitar from a wood will surely take a couple of hour but will be a thing of beauty and you can always keep it rather then a cheap alternate.

You can personalize it and can gift it to someone who are interested in guitars.

The only thing to note is make sure that the thickness will remain in the range of 0.46 mm to 0.96 mm maximum. If not then it will hinder your performances and will be of no use.

Guitar Pick Punch

Pick Punch - The Original Guitar Pick Punch

Guitar Pick Punch is the The best gift for any guitarist.

It will instantly punch out a guitar pick from credit cards, ID, cardboard or any thing that can go under the punching area. It works like the office paper puncher but instead of circles it throws out plectrum shape.

You can also buy couple of
pick punch sheets from Amazon so you can punch a pick whenever required.

Finger Picking

Picking Guitars From Fingers

The art of playing guitar from your fingers. It may sound too intense to some beginners but in reality it not so.

It opens a whole new level of playing technique which are not possible with picks.

That's all from our end,

Hope this guide helped you in getting a quick guitar picks in when you most needed them.?

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