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Learning Piano is not an easy task and requires hardship and determination. There are many digital pianos that come with inbuilt lesson mode to kick start your journey but for the later stage you will surely need a teacher to groom your performances.

But If you are new and looking to start learning piano then the online platform is sure going to give you a great start you wished for.

So in this informative article, we will have a look at some of the free piano lessons online. And some paid one too in case you don’t mind spending a few bucks for something you are passionate about.

Do you know what do piano lessons cost ? Learning piano is not cheap at all. The very minimum charge for learning piano is on an average is $25 per hour for very beginners when you are getting a one on one lesson. (Very beginner does not need a one on one though from my point of view) Of course it will vary from place to place but a good reputed teacher will sure going to charge you something between $40 – $70 per hour for sure.

Free Piano Lessons Online YouTube

Learn Piano On Youtube

YouTube is one of the best things that ever happened to mankind. And for piano students it is one of the greatest place to learn and enhance their musical journey.

Before you start running you need to learn how to walk. So, before you start playing piano you need to understand the basic and key terms of piano/keyboard. Key terms like what are chords, C-majors, intervals, finger technique, music sheet and lots more. So if you are a very first-time player these video are must-watch.

Another great resource on you tube piano lessons for beginners is the channel PGN piano from Mark Piano.

It is a wonderful channel with lots of resources, to begin with.

Another wonderful channel and the innovator behind the mix screen piano lesson termed as ” hybrid piano lessons ” is the channel HDpiano. With over 145+ million views and 1+ million subscribers, you can understand the amount of love the channel is getting from the viewers.

Piano Lessons For Beginners Free Online On Udemy

Free Piano Lessons Online On Udemy

Udemy is one of the best source to start learning anything. Whether it’s IT courses or management courses or spiritual learning or anything you can think of Udemy got your back.

They provide learning in a quite interactive style. Of course, 95% of the part is video lessons but you will get quizzes after lots of lessons to make sure you are heading toward the right direction. Other than that there is also discussion section to weed out our doubts.

You can learn everything related to the piano on Udemy like piano chords, jazz piano and lots more. You can also select your piano lesson according to your level of experience. They have something for everybody.

Here are some of the high rated free piano courses to enroll on Udemy [For very beginner]

Here are some of the paid courses on udemy. The price of piano lessons are quite affordable. So plz don’t mind spending a bit and helping the piano teacher for creating such a detailed and helpful courses.

Free Piano Lessons App

apps to learn piano for free

Although most of the apps are free to use initally but you may require an in-app purchase to get most out it. 

  • Simply Piano By JoyTunes is one of the toughest competitors to beat when it comes to learning piano via apps
  • Note Quest is another wonderful app but the only drawback is that it is solely for iOS.
  • Mussila Music School is another free good option to start with. It is basically for children and is like a game.
  • Piano Marvel is another wonderful app to step up your piano learning experience.
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