Electro Voice ZLX 12P Review Powered Stage Monitor

This is recently updated (10-12-2020) review focusing on the ZLX-12BT speaker, and what the brand "Electro Voice" has updated in there latest release of this feature loaded and Highly Powerful ZLX-12P Powered Loudspeaker.

(Spolier - The updated released model ZLX 12BT now also supports audio streaming via Bluetooth)

Usually to have a passive loudspeaker packed full of features, one needs to spill out a considerable amount of cash.

Electro-Voice ZLX-12BT Review -The only 1000W Bluetooth Powered Loudspeaker You Need

But, ZLX12 P/BT comes with a genuine price tag and delivers superior sound quality and powerful performance in it's class of Powerful Loudspeakers.

Despite being launched in early 2013 these speakers are still selling like hot cakes and users are more then satisfied with the music it delivers.

I am saying this because, I have used these Powered Loudspeakers in my setup for more then 3 months. (I used Bluetooth version only in the store)

And you don't need to take my words on this. With 87% positive reviews over Amazon simply reflects the amount of love ZLX 12P-BT is getting from its user base.

What are Stage Monitors and where It Is Placed In Stage ?

What are stage monitors and why it is used

There are quite a number of musicians, who curiously ask about the stage monitors, and prior to moving to the review section, I guess that some light needs to be thrown on this topic too.

For any live performer when he imagines the live performance, he or she might also wonder that how will the performance be delivered to the audiences?

And this basic concern, should be the concern while you make your purchase decision regarding a loudspeaker.

Yet, you must not ignore yourself, because in simple terms the stage monitors are the speakers that face towards you.

There can be multiple reasons for you to set up a stage monitor.

These monitors are usually set at the base of the stage, face upwards in the direction of you.

In case the space is compact then one such speaker is sufficient, and all the more if you are the only one performing. 

And if it’s a band then in that scenario, each person must have a stage monitor for themselves.

Why do You Need a stage monitor?

why you need stage monitors speakers

Since now you are aware of the fact that what actually is a stage monitor, the second thought you might be having that what is it’s purpose or why do you need one of them?

Well, it’s the stage monitor, that plays a crucial role in allowing you to control your performance.

As a live stage performer, it is essential for you to hear your and your band’s music so that you are able to synchronize the time with each other.

In case you are dependent on the main sound system, there are fair chances of delay in the sound reaching to you, due to which you can miss the timing.

If you are equipped with a good pair of stage monitors, then the sound is disturbance free and sharp and can also be adjusted as per the need.

You will be glad to know that Electro Voice ZLX-12P speaker has dual usage, that is this speaker can be facing towards the audience as well towards you like a stage monitor.

EV ZLX-12P/BT Review [Detailed Analysis]

The brand Electro Voice may not be a pretty renowned one like the others, but it is striving towards gaining a recognition by launching well-built speakers and they are going exceptionally well.

Let’s cut the chase and take a look at the features of this Powered Loudspeaker which now comes with Bluetooth streaming.

Sound : Is It Up To The Required Standard ?

Like its with most of the speakers, your major concern should be the sound quality.

In terms of sound, the EV ZLX-12P is commendable, with the Mids and Highs being the key points.

The sound is well done and explicit like these Rokit G5 Series.

The vocals are meticulous which is apt for the singers.

ev zlx15p

The low-end is the weak point of the speaker, the bass response is not like the Mids and Highs.

Yet, we have few tuning options that are an escape to some extent.

Despite all of this it still gives enough coverage even in a smaller space.

In case you are in search of a better low then in my suggestion an addition of a sub-woofer in your setup will get the job done.

Design : Old School Minimal Look

The general perception regarding the design of any loud speaker is that it must be a large and black box shape, which is the basic design of the EV Speakers 12 inch and 15 inch. 

In a way the design or the aesthetics of a power packed speaker are of minimal consideration yet it does have some influence on EV ZLX-12P.

When it comes to the front portion there is a distinct pattern there giving the speakers a realistic tint.

brand ev powered speakers

 Its edges are angled rather than being flat like the typical speakers which is a great effort.

The rubber feet at the bottom gives the required balance to the speakers in case they aren’t mounted.

The brand logo is of small size and perfectly ensemble with a power light effect beneath it.

Built Quality of the eV speakers 12 and 15

In case your speaker is quite affordable and has good power then it is obvious to lag behind in the quality segment.

Still, it’s not the case of the EV ZLX-12P.

It’s stiff and resistant plastic makes the speaker highly durable.

Even though there are chances of accidental knocks, the speaker is ready to got against all the odds.

The Electro Voice brand is inclusive of the toughness lifted up from its pro-touring range.

The well-placed carry handles have been properly fitted making the speakers highly portable.

Specifications : Practical Test

The Electro-Voice ZLX 12-P has a 12-inch woofer along with a 1.5- inch titanium compression driver for increased frequencies.

Its power is 1000 watts and includes the Class-D amplifier.

Frequency response is subject to variations that depends upon the pre set one is using.

And the default “MUSIC” mode comes in at 50 Hz – 20 kHz at -10dB.

portable feature of ev speakers

The portability of ZLX-12P is mainly possible because of the 15.6 kg light weight of it that makes it comfortable for carrying as well as the setup part.

The speaker is loud enough to manage the small spaces with perfection.

In case the venue is mediocre in size then a subwoofer may be required, but seeing the loudness of the EV ZLX- 12P you may manage to do without a sub.

Tuning Options Of EV ZLX 12P/BT

There is a wide collection of tuning options offered by the EV ZLX 12P, and at such a price match this is a good consideration.

At the back panel we have a knob which can be used for controlling the on-board DSP, as well as to control the volume.

The LCD screen is apt for making the changes comfortably.

Plus, you get the four modes which you can try by interchanging among them for making the necessary adjustments to the speaker to suit as per the playing environment.

We have “MUSIC” as the default mode, that is the classic choice for normal listening or playback purposes.

Then we have the “LIVE” setting for the ones performing live. Next is the “SPEECH” for spoken word applications.

Among all of these settings we found out the “LIVE” setting to be the most prosaic.

Other than this all the other pre-sets tend to function as per our expectations.

You also have the liberty to individually adjust the parameters and also store a maximum of 5 of your most desirable settings.

Apart from all these we have the choice of choosing the “LOCATION” that includes the “pole”, “monitor”, and “bracket”.

If we go by the price rate then the EV ZLX-12P has a great deal for you specially in the tuning segment itself. 

There is proper labeling done to all due to which the navigation part is an easy affair, that also makes the speaker earn extra reward points from my end.

Connectivity Options

Connecting Options Of Electro-Voice ZLX12P

In terms of connectivity the ZLX-12P has 2 line-in options, both of which are the combo jacks supporting TRS or XLR connections.

If one is having the DJ controller for beginners then the absence of RCA input is going to be an obstacle. There are limitations in terms of connectivity options in the budget range speakers.

There is an additional TRS input provided for connectivity to media services, which is not easily to be found on speakers with standard performance.

Such options make it easier for you to use the speakers.


The accessories are a significant part of the gear.

If you need to travel then in my suggestion, the Electr0-Voice ZLX-12-CVR padded cover is must.

This cover provides protection to the speakers free from dust and dirt.

The EV ZLX 12-P can be mounted on a speaker stand too. 

There are the strip resistant threads preventing the speaker from falling.

In case you are in mood of updating the complete setup, then in that case you have the Electro Voice ZLX 12-P package available, consisting of 2 ZLX-12 P speakers, stands and cables.

Other Models In Electro Voice ZLX Series - All Look Alike

ZLX15P 15 inch powered loudspeaker


ZLX-12BT 12 Inch


Electro-Voice ZLX-15BT - ev speakers 15 inch


There are various other models present of the ZLX series form the Electro Voice.

The P range meets the requirements of the powered speaker.

Then the EV ZLX-15P assists in delivering increased low-end responses meaning that you may omit the addition of the subwoofer for larger venues.

Next is the BT range offering Bluetooth connectivity and thus is a superb choice for the ones in search of stream recorded audio.

You can choose in between the 12-inch ZLX-12BT or the 15-inch ZLX-15BT.

If you are biased towards passive speakers, the Electro Voice presents the ZLX-12 and the ZLX-15 speakers.

In case you are not used to set up a speaker then in my suggestion you should always go with the powered speakers for betterment as it cuts on wastage of time and gives you lesser headaches.

Value For Money

The Electro-Voice ZLX-12P/BT is priced in accordance to its competitors, and offers a really great range of functions.

There are many exceptional features like the TRS input and the LCD screen which is rare to find within this budget.

Talking of the sound quality which is also praiseworthy and it feels really great to come across an affordable speaker that successfully matches so many parameters.

My Experience With EV ZLX-12P/BT Powered Loud Speakers

ev speakers 12

Reasons To Buy

  • Superb Mids and Highs.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Wide range of tuning options.
  • Price is within the decent budget range.
  • Lightweight, hence can be easily ported form one place to another.
  • 88 % Positive Reviews on Amazon

Reasons To Avoid

  • times-circle
    Absence of low end

If you are searching for a good loudspeaker then the Electro Voice ZLX-12P is one that must be present on the list. 

The speaker is fairly priced while hand in hand serving with a wide collection of really interesting features.

The sturdy design is greatly suitable for any live performing musician.

Sound quality is excellent and clear too. For instance, if your budget is high then you do have other highly budgeted standard choices.

Alternate options of EV ZLX12 P mainly includes:

  • BOSE S1 a standard choice to make if the buyer has enough cash to spend on it. The brand has a large basket of innovative and extra ordinary features to offer along with multiple handy options for the sound handling part.
  • JBL EON 610 - the price range of it is identical to that of the Electro Voice. It has premium sound quality and the Bluetooth addition is also great.
  • MACKIE THUMP 12A - if your budget is tightly packed, then the Mackie Thump 12A is a considerable option.

But If you are having a limited budget then Electro Voice ZLX-12P or other variant will sure going to be the best bang for your buck.

With Over 87% positive reviews over Amazon people have shown their love with their wallet out.

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