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The Brand “Yamaha” is one of the earliest pioneer of musical industry and is still thriving in this ultra competitive musical instrument market.

It is quite surprising that almost 70% of major musical brands has formed there roots on Japan.

And the century old Digital Piano Brand “Yamaha” is also a harmonic product of Japan.

The idea of the brand was planted when Torakusu Yamaha (founder) repaired a reef organ of a local elementary school (1887).

He successful repaired the reef organ, while going through the mechanism and harmonic sound set of the organ he got the vision to craft musical instrument with the mindset of providing the top-notch quality of instrument.

The most motivational and inspirational part of Torakusu Yamaha story is when he carried the organ on the back of a pole and crossed the Hakone mountain to deliver it back to the school.

A little forward 10 years,

The year 1897 the brand Yamaha was officially registered as a brand, Initial name was not Yamaha though,

It was registered with the name “Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd” (later it was changed to Yamaha Corporation).

The Brand Yamaha manufactured their first Upright Piano series in 1990 and since then never looked back.

Looking Nowadays Yamaha made its influence in dozen of other verticals has digital pianos are one of them.

With millions of keyboards sold out each year Yamaha has made the mark which rarely any brands reaches up to.

Looking on to Yamaha Digital Pianos you can find lots of individual series focusing on a particular style and purpose.

Some of the most successful series of Yamaha’s keyboards are :

  • Grand Pianos Series : (CX) – C7X, C6X , C5X
  • Upright : (YUS) , (U) (b) (P22) – YUS , U1 , U3 , b1, b2, b3 
  • Hybrid Class : (Avant Grand), (DISKLAVIER) , (TRANSACOUSTIC) – ENSPIRE PRO , DKC-900, DKC-850 , TA 2
  • Digital Piano Series : 
    • Clavinova (CLP, CVP, CSP) : – CLP-795GP, CLP 685, CLP 645, CLP-745
    • Arius : YDP-184, YDP-S54, YDP-144, YDP-S34, YDP-103
    • Portable : P-515, DGX-660, P-125, P-121, P-45
  • Keyboards 
    • Genos :  Genos V2.0 (Digital-Arranger Workstation)
    • PSR : PSR-E263, PSR-S670, PSR-EW310, 
    • PSX : PSR-SX600
    • NP : 32/12
    • Stage Pianos : CP 88, CP 73


So lets look at the feature highlight of each line of Casio Digital Pianos

What makes Yamaha Pianos and Keyboards the Benchmark of the Industry ?

Yamaha digital pianos – Feature Highlights