Yamaha Digital Pianos and Keyboards – A Detailed Walkthrough

Yamaha Digital Pianos and Keyboards - A detailed Go through guide

Yamaha Keyboards and Digital Pianos, The Benchmark of Quality

The Brand “Yamaha” is one of the earliest pioneer of musical industry and is still thriving in this ultra competitive musical instrument market.

The vision of the brand to provide rich and harmonious experience to its users base while keeping the pricing at everyone's reach is the key of this long term success of the company.

Torakusu Yamaha

The idea of the brand was planted when Torakusu Yamaha (founder) repaired a reef organ of a local elementary school (1887).

While going through the mechanism and harmonic sound setting of the reef-organ, Torakusu got the vision to craft his own musical instrument, with the highest quality possible.

The most motivational and inspirational part of Torakusu Yamaha story is when he carried the organ on the back, of a pole and crossed the Hakone mountain to deliver it back to the school. 

A little forward 10 years,

The brand Yamaha was officially registered as a brand in 1897, Initially the name was not Yamaha though,

It was registered with the name “Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd” (later it was changed to Yamaha Corporation).

The Brand Yamaha manufactured their 1st Upright Piano series in 1990 and since then never looked back.

Looking Nowadays, Yamaha made its influence in dozen of other verticals and has digital pianos are one of them.

With millions of keyboards sold out each year, Yamaha has certainly made the mark which rarely very few brands reach's up to.

Looking on to Yamaha Digital Pianos you can find lots of individual series focusing on a particular style, genre or purpose.

Notable Digital Pianos and Keyboards Series from Yamaha :

Grand Pianos Series :

(CX) – C7X, C6X , C5X

Upright :

(YUS) , (U) (b) (P22) – YUS , U1 , U3 , b1, b2, b3

Hybrid Class :


Digital Piano Series :

Clavinova (CLP, CVP, CSP) :  

CLP-795GP, CLP 685, CLP 645, CLP-745

Arius :

YDP-184, YDP-S54, YDP-144, YDP-S34, YDP-103

Portable Keyboards :

P-515, DGX-660, P-125, P-121, P-45

Genos :

Genos V2.0 (Digital-Arranger Workstation)


PSR-E263, PSR-S670, PSR-EW310,



NP :

NP 32 - NP 12

Stage Pianos :

CP 88, CP 73

Yamaha Digital Pianos – Feature Highlights

What Makes Yamaha Instruments Apart From There Competitors

Yamaha CFX Concert Grand

The unmatched Grand Piano sound in most of the Yamaha digital pianos are sampled from the Iconic CFX Concert Grand Piano and Bösendorfer Imperial.

The Acoustic are realistically recreated detailing the nuances and capturing the Grand experience essence.

Apart from these iconic sound, Yamaha Pianos offers 400+ instrumental tones with dedicated regional tones on specific models.

Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM)

Yamaha’s Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) feature is one of the most innovative technique to bring the Acoustic piano experience to the digital counterpart.

VRM naturally recreates the minor nuances and resonance of various internal and mechanical parts of the Acoustic Piano.

These Virtual vibrations can also be experienced while using headphone as your sound source.

Piano Room

Yamaha keyboards allows you to make your instrument truly yours by customizing the tones and variations which just suits your criteria.

Whether talking about the digital effects, like resonance, damper or pedals, sensitivity or harmonic relation, everything can be tweaked and registered for quicker availability.

Natural Wood X (NWX) keyboard

The keys of Yamaha pianos (high end models) are crafted from long hours of naturally dried woods only, from handpicked plant species with natural acoustic properties.

The Ebony and Ivory keytops provides a perfect grip over the keys even after long hours of playing in humid conditions.

One Man Band

The Arranger Keyboards range of Yamaha (PSR Series) comes loaded with tons of voices, rhythms, accompaniment styles, Loopers and vocal harmony, along with lots of options to create music from scratch and deliver a complete orchestral performances, despite being a solo artist.

In short, Complete grip over your music and performances.

App Connectivity

With Yamaha’s Propriety App like Smart Pianist and many more.

The Brand Yamaha truly represent and understand the younger demographics and take all the approach to provide ease and flexibility along with learning possibilities.

Yamaha Keyboards Reviews - Handpicked  & Tested

With such wide array of keyboards to choose from it become quite obvious for a beginner to feel hesitated to settle at one. 

Luckily, The Yamaha production line has done a very well job of categorizing the digital pianos on the basis of feature requirement.

Like the stage pianos of Yamaha is solely focused on the need of stage performer's rather than highlighting the learning capabilities one could get in their affordable and Beginner friendly digital pianos series.

Luckily, In all these recent years we are able to test and review some of the most popular digital pianos and keyboards from Yamaha, so feel free to check before coming at any conclusion.

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