Kawai Digital Pianos and Keyboards Reviews

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Kawai KDP 90/110 Digital Piano Review
The Kawai KDP 90 digital piano was considered as one of most successful instrument under the Kawai brand, and recently[...]
Kawai CA79 Review – The Marvellous Digital Piano
Digital Pianos so far is still a developing musical instrument, each years you can see how the brands are raising[...]
Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano Review
Kawai ES 8 is one of the most under-rated digital piano of all the Kawai’s model.ES 8 is pretty out[...]
Kawai MP11 Stage Piano Review
Kawai MP 11 SE review: When it comes to quality Digital pianos one of the most under-rated brand you always encounter[...]
Kawai CE 220 Review – The Old School Digital Piano
There is always a doubt for a beginner to start with any instrument at all.Music is a getaway for me[...]