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Digital Pianos are one of the most versatile musical instrument in our digital era of music.

The instrument which can play world-wide music genres and still being so compact and portable that you can carry it with yourself, simply defines why Pianos are called King of All of Instrument.

The Digital Piano we use today is not an overnight discovery, it is an evolved form of the stringed instrument Acoustic Piano.

But this does not mean we should start exchanging views on Acoustic Vs Digital Pianos, they both had there fair share of alikeness and disparity,

So among both of them which is better Digital Pianos or Acoustic Pianos ? (Don’t forget to check our guides, tips and tricks for pianos from our expert panel )

This is not a matter of debate and it completely depends upon the preference of the pianist, but in terms of sound quality both are quite identical.

When talked about preferences the show is not over yet, cause you have to choose from different types of digital pianos and each is modeled to serve there specific purposes.

Lets take a quick look at each type.

All of the instruments mentioned above are just the variants of Electric Pianos (Keyboards).

As this guide is more focused towards the Digital Pianos instead of the Acoustic version we will stay stick to it, because there’s lots of variants of Acoustic Pianos in itself like Spinet Piano, Upright, Grand, Consoles and few more.

Even few of exclusive Grand Pianos implement propriety mechanism of specific brands to make instrument stand out of the others.

Some of the most established Acoustic Piano brands are Steinway & Sons, Baldwin, Yamaha, STEINBERG just to name a few.

Now, Coming back to our main subject.

In today’s market there’s literally 100’s of brands that manufactures Keyboards and all of them claims they are the best.

But as you know there’s lots of factors to keep an eye on before finalizing, and brands is one the principal factor too.

So, Lets take a quick look at Digital Pianos Brands worth considering.

Digital Piano Brands You Can Rely Upon

10 Best Casio Digital Pianos


Casio is one of the best digital piano manufacturers in the world and has manufactured several top-class piano which is perfect for beginners and experts as well.

Casio makes all types of musical instruments like synthesizers, guitars but pianos are ruling the market since day one.

Casio Keyboards comes in all price range starting from $50 to $5000.

They offers digital pianos of diverse price ranges and for diverse personalities too. Their model range from entry-level digital pianos like P 125 to grand hybrid pianos like Casio GP 500BP.

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Best Yamaha Digital Keyboards Piano Reviews


The Japanese brand “Yamaha” is one of the most renowned and trusted name in digital piano market and all for the good reasons.

Yamaha Digital Pianos are a perfect combination of Harmony and Innovation.

With the first Acoustic Upright Piano made in (1900) to the Clavinova CLP-700 Grand Digital Piano in 2020, Yamaha has evolved in the music experience and set the bar really high for any new competition.

With focus on Feel and Sound Quality Yamaha knows pretty well what us (users) wish for.

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How To Buy Your Next Digital Piano ?


Choosing a Digital Piano is a bit complex and generally things won’t go in right direction when you are just kicking things off.

As a global golden rule you should never invest a big sum in your first Piano / Keyboard.

No matter how confident you are regarding your passion always prioritize the budget friendly Digital Pianos / Keyboards over the others.

The reason behind is that playing piano may sound like an exciting venture (and it is) but the core factor which makes 98% of student to quit learning piano in the first year is just too hard to continue.

Piano learning is multifaceted task and requires strict discipline and practice, This is were almost all of entries gets eliminated.

Now you can understand that it is not a good idea to play “Twinkle – Twinkle” on $4500 Yamaha Clavinova 635.

Now, Lets take a quick look at which are the most important features a digital piano should have and important for beginners.