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Hello I am Daniel Cooper

Hello I am Daniel Cooper (And Yes I smile like this 😁 ). I never thought in my childhood that I will become a musician one day. 

I want to be an Astronaut, Wrestler, Hollywood Hero, and one time Bear Grylls too like every other child. But things doesn't happened as expected. And from a very small age I found my self surrounded with unwanted thoughts and negativity.

One day when I was In my friends house discussing my miserable life. I heard a sound coming from downstairs which was soothing me even in that difficult situation. The sound was Beethoven tune which my friends mother was playing in the piano. And that moment changed my life. It was my aha moment because I found the treasure of my life, something I was sure will cure my life, and 25 year later (now) I am still in love with music.

Music pulled me out of tough situations, helped me found my soulmate (in music class), brings food to my table and pays bill too.

I have created this site dedicated to my love of music. Hope you guys find it useful and enjoy as much as I enjoy while creating it.

Have any suggestion, Want to sponsor or donate Or just want to say Hiii . Than Feel Free To use the form below. Or mail me at [email protected]

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Welcome Our Newest Member

I am Gary Pedersen The Guitar Specialist 🎸

Gary Pedersen The Guitar Specialist

Hey Amigos, I am Gary Pedersen The Guitar Specialist and the newest member of the Doom Squad Music Family. 

With my father I have attended lots of concerts but the one which sticked in my memories when I was 7 years old was the "Nirvana Concert" by the legendary Guitarist "Kurt Cobain".

And now 20 years later the memories still brings goosebumps to me.

I am here on Doom Squad to contribute my knowledge of Guitars with the general audience and help everyone to make informed decision.

If You want to visit me in person than don't forget to bring some 🍺

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