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Why Yamaha CLP 635 Is Perfect Example Of Craftsmanship

Yamaha CLP 635 Review: Yamaha has produced a lot of series and Clavinova series is one of the top-rated series in terms of quality of the sound. 

The price of Clavinova series digital pianos are a bit high and CLP 635 falls in the starting price of the Clavinova Series.

Yamaha CLP 635 is ideal for those beginners who have never heard the term "compromise" in their lifetime. As a professional you will fell in love with it from the very first key press.

Clavinova is a portmanteau word meaning "Clavier"-> Keyboard like musical instrument  "Nova"-> New .

It was launched in mid 2017 and after couple of months I got my hands on this acoustic-cum-digital piano. I used it for good 15-18 days and my days were ebullient after use.

Now lets start and see what the digital piano offers and what makes the Clavinova series one of the costly and top notch series.

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Yamaha Clavinova CLP 635 Features and Specs

The CLP 635 features the CFX Yamaha 9 foot concert grand piano and the bose endure for an imperial grand piano along with 34 other amazing high-quality sound.

Yamaha CLP 635 has 88 weighted keys with three pedals and a sheet music stand just like an acoustic piano. But the best part is the cabinet of CLP 635 is quite compact and does not take a lot of space in your living room.

Unlike an acoustic piano, it never needs to be tuned which saves you lots of time and money. Plus you never need to worry about the wood warping due to humidity changes in your home.

The body of Yamaha CLP 635 is very beautiful and bold and is available in 4 amazing finishes to choose from. They are matte black, polished ebony, rosewood, dark walnut.

Yamaha CLP 635 has 230-watt speakers for that real concert grand experience or you can plug in the headphones for silent practice.

Headphone connectivity option is quite good as it gives the practiser the ability to make and correct their mistakes in private.

The left side of the piano has most of the control options whereas the right side has a power switch and a master volume slider.

All the Clavinova series features a graded hammer action this means that on the low notes the hammers are larger on a grand piano and the keys would feel a little bit heavier, they gradually get lighter as you work your way up the scale because the Hammers are getting smaller.

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How to Navigate on Clavinova CLP 635

Now Let’s check some of the navigational details:

First, you'll notice a very vivid LCD screen this will let you know what's happening at a glance (your current setting and songs).

Directly below the screen, you will get some navigation cursor buttons to move the options on the screen.

On side of the cursor keys, there's a function key and exit key

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For easy accessibility, the left panel has a very handy default for the CFX grand piano sound and the Bösendorfer sound.

Below these options, you will get the voice control buttons.

The dual or split mode buttons, piano room button, the song and demo button, record button and a play or a pause button.

And, the metronome, rhythm and tempo buttons.

Sounds and Functions In CLP 635

yamaha clavinova clp 635 digital piano matte black

As I mentioned above when you power up the piano the default sound is the gorgeous Yamaha CFX grand piano.

The next piano sound is the Bösendorfer sound, as you know Bösendorfer sound has a darker tone quality these two sounds are the most popular sounds in the Yamaha piano sound library.

And for your convenience, Yamaha has placed dedicated buttons for the CFX grande and the Bösendorfer sound buttons right in the center of your control panel.

Yamaha CLP 635 Clavinova series digital piano gives you a good selection of sounds. To navigate through those sounds simply press the voice button and the LCD will display several folders to navigate through.

The first folder is the acoustic piano folder when you go into that folder we see the CFX grande and the Bösendorfer which we've already discussed.

There are several other sounds like the bright piano, the mellow grand, the warm grand, jazz grand piano, and the rock piano.

The next group is the electric pianos and in it, you'll find several sounds covering musical styles from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

Check The Sound Quality Of the CLP 635

The first is the stage electric piano sound though.

One thing to note about these electric piano sounds is while you play them softly they have a certain characteristic but when you bear down on them and play a little bit harder you know this the sound changes.

This change in sound due to the intensity of the key press is really superb and is this feature is quite common though and is termed as touch responsive keys or velocity sensitive keys.

Velocity sensitive keys are not something new and can be found in almost all latest keyboards and digital pianos

CLP 635 also has the DX electric piano sound which is modeled from Yamaha Synthesizers from the seventies and eighties. 

Other sounds in the electric piano folder are phase electric piano and the tremolo vintage piano.

The next folder has the organs sound, In this folder, you will find a nice mixture of classical and jazz organ sounds.

The first sound is the organ principle sound, next you will get the organ tutti sound and jazz organ sound.

As you work through different instruments the Yamaha Clavinova CLP 635 will place those instruments in different acoustic spaces further enhancing the realism of your playing.

One of the notable features that need to mention is as the part of the characteristic sound of these fantastic tone wheel organs is the rotating speaker you hear.

Yamaha gives you the ability to adjust the speed of that rotation using your left pedal, which gives you a complete grip on your music.

The next sound group is the strings.

Strings folders have a variety of string sounds from lush orchestral strings to the choir to synthesizer pad sounds and a couple of more sounds to explore.

The next group is the bass’s here you'll find a variety of bass sounds suitable for a wide variety of music, like the acoustic bass, bass and cymbal sound, electric bass and the fretless bass.

In the other category, you'll find a couple of harpsichords sounds, vibes, and a couple of different guitar sounds.

As you know unlike piano harpsichord is not a touch-sensitive instrument, To add the realism of the playing experience Yamaha automatically disables the touch sensitive portion of the keyboard for certain sounds such as harpsichords or organs.

Layer, Dual and Other Functions

yamaha clp 635 price

With all of these great sounds built into this incredible instrument wouldn't it be great if you could play more than one sound at a time? 

Well, of course, you can. The Yamaha CLP 635 gives you the ability to either layer two different sounds or split the keyboard and have different sounds on the other side.

For example, a very popular layer would be the CFS grande with the strings.

To set up a layer which Yamaha calls “dual mode” (other keyboard brands terms it as layering option which is also same) simply press the dual split button and in the screen, you'll see two different sounds listed so you can use your cursor keys to navigate and select your two sounds of choice.

To split the keyboard simply press the dual split button twice and you'll see on the screen an option to choose a sound in your right and another to choose in your left and you can scroll through the cursor keys to select those sounds.

For example piano on the top and acoustic bass on the bottom.

To change the split point simply press and hold down the dual/split button and then pressing the desires to flick key of your choice.

The great part is not only can you set up a dual mode or a split point Yamaha CLP 635 gives you the ability to activate both functions at the same time.

This feature gives you a big window to explore and do new experiments with sounds.

Songs, Recording and Practice Options

CLP 635 offers a ton of pre-recorded songs. These songs are broken down into different groups the first group would be the instrument sounds themselves and all of those instrument sounds have a correlating demo song.

Example the Bösendorfer sound offers its own demo song and so on. Apart from sound’s demo song CLP 635 also has the 50 classic piano masterpieces song and you'll also get the library of pre-recorded songs that correlate to the music book that came with your piano.

To help you learn these pieces Yamaha has included both left and right-hand parts for each of the pieces. To use this feature you can use your function controls to turn on or off each of those parts for playing along or practice.

For better learning, Yamaha CLP 635 offers several teaching pieces by very well known composers such as Beyer, Burgmuller, Czerny or Hanon. Each of these pieces correlates to well-known music publications to help aid in your piano instruction.

Clavinova CLP 635 Digital Piano has the ability to record your performances and compositions.

You can save them within a designated folder in the control panel or you can export them in a couple of different file formats.

Like you can save them as MIDI files which are commonly used by personal computers or you can save them in audio file formats which allows you to share that song on social media or other internet-based programs.

Just like the built-in song library which allowed you to control the left or the right-hand parts you can record your own compositions using tracks 1 & 2 or left & right then you can save those songs within the memory.

Clavinova 635 has a built-in metronome, it's very easy to operate simply press the metronome button and you'll hear a ticking sound of the metronome.

To adjust the speed of the metronome press and hold the left or the right arrows (cursor).

The Clavinova 635 comes with 20 pre-programmed rhythm patterns.

To activate the rhythm patterns you'll press the rhythm button and you'll notice a one measure count end before the rhythm starts playing.

When you press it again it will then provide a one measure ending.

My Experience with Yamaha CLP 635

My Experience With Yamaha CLP 635

Whether you're a beginner or an expert young or old this Clavinova has the ability for you to adjust the touch sensitivity of the keyboard to match your plane style there are a few other features to further enhance your playing experience

first you can transpose the keyboard into many different keys this allows you to work comfortably with other instruments.

Additionally, if you like to play piano duets you can actually split this keyboard into two smaller pianos where each person can have their own middle C.

When the keyboard has split the pedals down below the right pedal serves as the sustain for the player on the right and the pedal on the Left serves as the sustain for the player on the left.

You'll be impressed with the sound quality of the sound system built into CLP 635 Digital piano additionally if you do need to plug in the instrument into a larger system such as a PA at church or school there are dual quarter-inch line outputs on the back of the instrument.

Lastly, if you do want to plug in an mp3 player there's an eighth-inch line input as well if you like to practice privately simply plug into one of the dual headphone jacks and this will disable the built-in speakers.

Yamaha CLP 635 is an excellent choice for schools homes churches or studio use. The overall quality is simply superb and looks simply elegant. 

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