Casio CDP 130 Review – The Mid Range Keyboard Piano

Casio CDP 130 review : CDP 130 is one of the highly recommended pianos when it comes to budget cheap pianos

The CDP 130 has 88 scaled hammer action keys which provide that same sensitivity that generally a grand piano offers.

It means the keys will get lighter at your upper end of the piano.

Casio's Dual Element AHL (Acoustic & Highly-compressed Large-waveform) sound system produces rich and highly detailed sound.

With my experience, I can’t say that it is the greatest piano for a professional keyboard player but is absolutely the greatest piano if you are a beginner and just started to learn piano.

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What Casio CDP 130 Offers ?

The piano offers a maximum of 48 polyphony at least that what I think because there is a contradiction in the specification of the piano on the official site of Casio.

In the Casio International website it says it has a maximum of 48 polyphony but in US Casio site it is mentioned that it has a maximum of 64 polyphony.

But again when you go the feature page it says that it has 48 polyphony.

I really don’t know that is it intended or a typo. But I can confirm you this that it has 48 polyphony because I used it for this review.

Connectivity wise on the rear side of the keyboard you will get one USB port, One pedal port, One power port, and a ¼ inch audio jack.

So, Spec wise it is a quite good piano if you are a beginner or an intermediate player.

There is nothing out of the world features, It can be categorized as a basic plug and play keyboard in an affordable price range.

My Experience With Casio CDP 130 Keyboard Piano ?

From my personal experience, I can say that the keys are heavier which makes it a great practice piano. It results in little gentle scaling too.

The weight of the hammer action keys are good but not totally accurate. Overall I can say that the keys are quite heavy which makes it perfect for the piano players for those who want to play acoustic, tournaments or competitions.

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Lets understand the purpose of Weighted Keys. Example if you are a track runner you will often wear sandbags on your ankle to strengthen your ankles and legs, so it is somewhat similar for keyboard player the heavier keys strengthen our wrists and fingers.

So if you play acoustic piano time to time for competition and tournaments and are in any limited budget situation than I will strongly recommend this Casio CDP 130 piano.

Let’s talk about the audio quality, I can say that the sound is somewhat acceptable. It does not sound like any one of those grand pianos but it still does not sound like one of those $100 keyboards either.

If you need a great high-quality sound than I will recommend Yamaha – keyboard over this. But If you are a beginner or want to use it as a MIDI controller than this can be great piano and worth your money.

Another notable thing “the key noise” the hammer noise which is produced when you press the keys is a bit loud but it still depends on your action like how far is the keys from your body, how much force you are applying when pressing it and the speed also.

It is not too much and will not bother you or people around you but for a detailed review for benefit of my readers, I leave no stone unturned.

Check out this demo video of Casio CDP 130 Piano

My Experience With Casio CDP 130 

So, in conclusion, I can say that it is a great piano for beginners and intermediate keyboard players who just need to plug and play.

It is really a strong contender to beat for the price/quality ratio it offers.


Ability to use as MIDI controller

Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Great Key Action

Much Better choice in MID ranged priced digital piano 


Sound Quality Is not so great but is still OK 

A bit noisy Hammer sound

There’s room for improvement in Overall Build Quality

Only 48 Polyphony

The Next and Improved Version of this model is CDP 135 88 key digital piano so don’t forget to check it out also.

Casio CDP 130 Manual

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