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Behringer K2 Review —- Publish New Version

URL: Title: Behringer K2 Review Meta Description: The Behringer K-2 is a similar device made after the Korg MS-20 was produced. The features of the K-2, such as the sound, appearance and texture, are scarily recreated in detail through the Korg MS-20.  The difference in price! Introduction Since the announcement of the Korg MS-20, Behringer […]


hi I’m Kirk Roth room with select,receptions in Syracuse New York for disc,jockey news and this is the,electro-voice zlx 12 p it’s a thousand,watt two-way powered speaker with a 12,inch low frequency driver and some huge,surprises that you’ve never seen before,in this price range in fact it’s just,400 bucks street price and it’s from,electro-voice a […]