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Electro Voice ZLX 12P Review Powered Stage Monitor

EV zlx12p reviews - Passive Loudspeakers

Check Offer Price EV ZLX12P 12 Inch 2 Way 1000W Full Range Powered Loudspeaker EV ZLX12P Review : This review is solely focused on the Electro Voice ZLX-12p speaker, which is easy to afford and loaded with numerous needed features you expect from a Stage Monitor (Loudspeaker). Usually to have a passive loudspeaker packed full of […]

JBL 104 One Series Audio Monitors Review

JBL 104 Studio Monitor Review

In today’s review we will look at another great but budget friendly studio monitors the new JBL 104 monitors which is also known as JBL Professional 1 Series, Compact Powered Desktop Reference Monitors. Now the brand “JBL” promises that these tiny audio monitors are supposed to give you proper studio monitor performance. But in the form factor […]

Kali LP Series (LP 6 and LP 8) Audio Monitors Review

Kali LP 6 and LP 8 review Audio Monitor

Today we’re checking out the new line of Budget Friendly Audio Monitors the Kali Audio Monitors. The Kali LP Series Audio Monitors. The newer model has been completely redesigned and geared toward budget, accuracy and performance. So, let’s find out is it the right fit for you or not. The Kali LP (Lone Pine) Series has 2 […]

KRK Rokit G4 Monitor Speaker Review

KRK Rokit G4 Monitor Speaker Review

Today we’re checking out the Rokit G4 family of Studio Monitors from KRK systems. The Rokit monitors have been incredibly popular and with the G4 release they’ve been upgraded and enhanced to provide even better performance in the recording studio. The Rokit Generation 4 (G4) has four different models in the family. They are : The Rokit 5 G4 […]