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10 Best Looper Pedal Rated and Reviews

Best Looper Pedals-min

In a live concert, many guitar players often find themselves too confined by the very physical limitation of having just two hands and one instrument. But with the help of looper pedals for guitar, A single musician can create a whole band of music easily by layering loop upon loop as they perform live. There are […]

11 Cheap and Best Keyboard Piano

Affordable cheap and best pianos

11 Best Keyboard Piano Worth Your MoneyA better investment needs a better research before investing your hard earned cash. And a piano is one of them. It is not something you buys often and it stays with you for rest of your life.As the market is full of pianos it is quite easy for a […]

10 Best Microphone For Vocal Recording Reviews 2019

10 Best Microphone

Top 10 Microphones For Vocals Recordings in 2019 ReviewsThere are numerous microphones available on the market nowadays. No matters how great you or your vocalist can sing, your vocal track will sound bad if you are not using a proper microphone. With the appropriate microphone, you should have a good time when it comes to […]