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Ronald Juno DS 61 Review

Ronald Juno DS 61

Who does not want a feature loaded synth, which allows you to tweak the core of the music with being compact yet powerful. Then you need to welcome the Roland Juno DS61 portable synth keyboard in your music arsenal.It’s a 61-note instrument with great sounds and easy operation that helps you in creating and performing music[read more]

Roland RP 501 Digital Piano Review

Roland RP 501 Review Digital Piano

Check Offer Price Why We Love Casio Roland RP 501 Digital Piano ROLAND RP-501 Review :  Roland RP-501 digital piano is a wonderfully crafted digital piano that offers decent features with top quality build and sound.I can recommend it for a child that is learning or an adult for that matter or even just an[read more]

Roland Juno DS 88 Review

Roland Juno DS 88 Review - The powerful 88 key keyboard-synthesizer

Check Offer Price Why We Love Roland Juno DS 88 – The Weighted Keys Synthesizer – Keyboard Whichever list of synthesizers it may be but if it comes to best, it must include Roland Juno DS 88 synthesizers. There are many other competitors of Roland Juno DS 88 such as Yamaha and Korg which has excellent[read more]