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Best Digital Piano With Weighted Keys For Beginners Reviews 2019

The 10 Best Weighted Keys Digital Piano Reviews

If you are beginner than it may confuse you that why we are giving so much importance to keys. Do keys of digital pianos makes bad sound? What are weighted keys and why should we care? Trust me on this that keys are the most important part of any keyboards and weight of keys are the […]

Casio Privia PX S1000 Review

Casio Privia PX S1000 Review

Check Offer Price Why We Love Casio Privia PX S1000 Casio Privia PX-S1000 Review:  PX–S1000 is the most recent version (2019) of the Privia Series Digital Piano from Casio and now its my new favorite keyboard. The PX S1000 has 88 keys, 192 notes polyphony and hammer action key bed. Hammer actions keys simulates the feel of […]

Casio Privia PX 860 Review

Casio PX 860 Review

Check Offer Price Why WE Love Casio Privia PX 860Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano Review : Privia PX 860 is a fantastic addition to any home, house of worships (church) or anywhere you need an authentic piano experience with a touch of style. The PX 860 has a beautiful and unmatched grand piano sound.The secret behind […]

Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano Review

Kawai es 8 review

Check Offer Price Why We Love Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano?Kawai ES 8 Review: Kawai ES 8 is one of the most liked portable piano of all the Kawai’s model. In short we can say that ES 8 is versatile, powerful, compact keyboard with fantastic look and feel. Kawai ES 8 is perfect on every occasion, whether you […]

Rockjam Keyboard Review – RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard

RockJam Keyboard Review RJ561 61-Keys Electronic Keyboard SuperKit

Check Offer Price RockJam Keyboard Review [RJ561]: RockJam Keyboard is one of the most sold piano on Amazon. With thousands of sells on Amazon and other E-Commerce sites its hard that we don’t review it on our site. RockJam makes lost of musical instruments like drums, guitars, pedals and other musical accessories like stands and stools. […]