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KAWAI CA-78 AND CA-98 Review

Kawai 78-98 Piano Review

Check Offer Price Why We Love KAWAI CA-78 AND CA-98 KAWAI CA-78 AND CA-98 Review: Today in this article we will be discussing upon two newmodels which have just arrived in from Kawai. These are the CA-78 and CA-98 models. Both the models are very similar in terms of their technical specifications. It’s got the same number […]

Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano Review

Kawai es 8 review

Check Offer Price Why We Love Kawai ES 8 Digital Piano?Kawai ES 8 Review: Kawai ES 8 is one of the most liked portable piano of all the Kawai’s model. In short we can say that ES 8 is versatile, powerful, compact keyboard with fantastic look and feel. Kawai ES 8 is perfect on every occasion, whether you […]