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Yamaha PSR E273 Review – The Beginner Keyboard ReInvented

Yamaha PSR E273 Review and Detailed Anlysis of The Keyboard

Yamaha always keeps re-inventing its product and for all the good reasons. This time they did this with their famous entry level keyboard PSR E263 and pushed it one step above which resulted in the new PSR E273. Without a doubt the price tag is quite affordable providing a better options for the budding pianist. In my opinion […]

Piano Keys – Everything You Need To Know About

Why do pianos have 88 keys

how many keys does a piano have ? Hey everybody, after analyzing tons of pianos and other musical instruments on my blog I thought of shifting my primary objective from reviewing pianos to giving knowledge and information more about music and musical theories. So, I was looking for ideas to write about and I suddenly thought […]

Roland Juno DS 88 Review

Roland Juno DS 88 Review - The powerful 88 key keyboard-synthesizer

Why We Love Roland Juno DS 88 – The Weighted Keys Synthesizer – Keyboard Whichever list of synthesizers it may be but if it comes to best, it must include Roland Juno DS 88 synthesizers. There are many other competitors of Roland Juno DS 88 such as Yamaha and Korg which has excellent array of synthesizer, […]