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Fingering Chart For Flute

how to read a flute fingering chart

Basically a flute fingering chart is a representation of how to play notes on your flute. The chart represents the finger placement positions to play the specific note. The chart has several circles, the black colored filled circle represent that you need to press the specific key to get the mentioned note. And the hollow circle represent to […]

Free Piano Lessons Online

free piano lessons

Learning Piano is not an easy task and requires hardship and determination. There are many digital pianos that come with inbuilt lesson mode to kick start your journey but for the later stage you will surely need a teacher to groom your performances. But If you are new and looking to start learning piano then the online platform […]

Doom Squad Music Songs

DoomSquadMusic Songs

Doom Squad “The Band” – Song Releases Apocalypso Let Yourself Be Seen General Hum DOOMSQUAD – ‘Dorian’s Closet’ (Official Video) DOOMSQUAD – Who Owns Noon in Sandusky? DOOMSQUAD – Pyramids on Mars Aimless | Weather Patterns DOOMSQUAD – the last two palm trees in LA Ass​​

What To Look For When Buying A New Keyboard / Digital Piano

How to choose your first keyboard

How to choose your first keyboardThis article is primarily for someone who’s planning of learning the piano or the keyboard.  Choosing your very first beginner keyboard can often be a cumbersome process because of lack playing experience and all the technical know-how may seem to cross over your head, having no idea as to which is […]