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Is Bass Easier Than Guitar ? What’s The Reality ?

Which Is Easy To Play Bass or Guitars

Bass Vs Guitars – The Learning Curve Explained Many people thinks that bass are easier than Guitar. But is it really true ? In short and sweet words – “No It Is Not” The logic behind claiming that bass are easier then guitar is because it has 4 strings only. Many people make fun of bassist by saying[read more]

Piano Keys – Everything You Need To Know About

Why do pianos have 88 keys

how many keys does a piano have ? Hey everybody, after analyzing tons of pianos and other musical instruments on my blog I thought of shifting my primary objective from reviewing pianos to giving knowledge and information more about music and musical theories. So, I was looking for ideas to write about and I suddenly thought[read more]

Fingering Chart For Flute

how to read a flute fingering chart

Basically a flute fingering chart is a representation of how to play notes on your flute. The chart represents the finger placement positions to play the specific note. The chart has several circles, the black colored filled circle represent that you need to press the specific key to get the mentioned note. And the hollow circle represent to[read more]