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6+1 Best Audio Interfaces Under $100

5 best audio interfaces review under $100

Why I Chosen These Interfaces ?Howdy music lovers, This is a special โ€œbest ofโ€ style post and this time I am reviewing the Best 6+1 Audio Interfaces if you are in a budget. Under $100 to be exact. I’ve got the top Seven budget audio interfaces and tested them all on various verticals like vocals, guitars,[read more]

10 Best Budget Audio Mixers Reviews

10 Best Audio Mixer cheap and budget friendly

Audio Mixers Interfaces For Next Level Mixing 10 Best Budget Audio Mixer Review : Audio Mixing is an art and is not something everyone can able to do. Blending music requires skills and knowledge along with creativity.But do you know :The recording console offers a tons of feature that can make even a seasonal musician[read more]