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Casio Privia PX 870 Review : Have you seen the price of PX 870? (If not, click here).

It's not a high end piano costing a couple of thousands of dollar and the price of PX 870 is absolutely genuine.

All Of The Privia Digital Piano series from Casio is simply awesome. All of the keyboards are well built and reflects the quality and detail Casio implemented on them.

And No Doubt PX 870 is one of the top notch model from Privia Series.

PX 870 features some amazing improvements (compared to its predecessor Casio PX 860) that are sure to help you get the most out of your playing. So let's see what it has to offer to us.

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Comparing PX 870 With Casio's Other Best Selling Digital Pianos






Casio PX-S1000

PX S1000


Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Touch Controls


App Connectivity

AC/DC Power Support

Slimmest Digital Piano In World

Lightweight (25 Lb)

Casio Privia PX-160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

PX 160


Best Model

Great Sound 

AiR Sound Technology

Hall Simulator, Reverb Effects

3 Year Warranty

Casio WK 245



Touch Response Keys

Lesson Mode

Tone - 600

Rhythms - 180

Bright Display


Casio LK-190 61-Key Premium Lighted Keyboard



Light Up Keys

Light Lesson Mode

Tone - 400

Rhythms - 150

Dance & Reverb Effect

Great Speaker

Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard



Touch Response

Lesson Function

Tones - 400

Rhythms - 100

Chordana App 

Dance/Music Mode

Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano



Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Detailed Resonance

Sound Projection Speaker


Key Slider Cover

Casio Privia PX 870 Features

The PX 870 piano features a beautiful and elegant streamlined design with seamless sides.

PX 870 comes with a matching wooden music rest and a sliding keyboard.

The piano is very compact which makes it perfect for a home of any size.

It is also available in your choice of colors (Casio Privia PX-870 White and Black) to match with any décor. And will sure enhance the beauty of your home.

Keys (Tri Sensor Technology)

Some of the coolest features I personally liked is the Tri-sensor scaled hammer action-II keyboard.

These keys feel very comfortable and very natural to play. They give you the authentic feel of playing an acoustic grand piano.

These keys are also accurately weighted and scaled just like a traditional acoustic piano. This means the heavier keys are on the bottom and the lighter keys are on top.

Tri Sensor Technology Casio Privia PX 870

Tri Sensor Keys Technology Of Casio Privia PX 870

As the name suggests “Tri-sensor” feature allows you to play repeated notes easily.

You don’t have to let the key raise all the way to the top before you reach rigor.

This feature is usually reserved for much more expensive instruments and is not common at all but Casio PX 870 has taken an extra step to provide the best experience for the users.

The AiR Technology

The PX-870 is powered by Casio’s AiR sound engine technology which increases the quality of the sound exponentially.

This AIR feature delivers 22 beautiful instrumental tones including a stunning stereo grand piano sound.


The grand piano features damper resonance which simulates the entire body of the instrument including the strings.

Speaking of strings, the Casio PX-870 also has a sympathetic string resonance.

This allows you to expose the harmonic connections between undammed strings. For example, if you want to play something like Debussy, which is composed with string resonance.

And PX 870’s strings resonance feels completely authentic. There is no difference at all.

Sound System Of Casio Privia PX 870

The PX-870 features Casio’s new sound projection system.

Casio Privia PX 870 Sound Projection Technology

This powerful 40-watt speaker system includes speaker on the top panel and underneath, which makes it perfect for both the player and the listener with enriched sound.

Recording and Practice Options

There are many features that are great for practice as well as songwriting.

PX-870 also has a built-in metronome which allows you to adjust both the meter and the tempo according to your need.

Casio PX 870 also has a high quality inbuilt recorder. For recording your plays, there is a two channel MIDI recorder which lets you record left and right hand parts independently.

Closer Look At Casio CD 870

Another wonderful add on is the USB audio recorder. After finishing your composition, you can play it directly as WAV file or can transfer it to your computer via the USB.

There is also a USB port that lets you connect to transmit MIDI data back and forth between the PX-870 and your favorite recording software.

The class complaint USB offers a lot of connectivity option.

It does not matter whether you are connecting Android, iOS, MAC or PC and you don’t need to install any additional driver which saves a lot of headache for non-technical users.

Casio PX 870 Alternate

The Best Alternative Of Casio PX 870 is Yamaha DGX 660. The Price is Quite Low so don't forget to check it. (Check Detailed Review Here)

Casio PX 870 Alternative Option - Yamaha DGX 660

What Makes PX 870 More Fantastic

If you are either giving or taking piano lessons, there is a feature in the PX-870 called duet mode which is extremely useful.

Duet Mode divides the keyboard into two equal pitch ranges. So, two people either a teacher or a student or two students can be seated at the same keyboard each having the same ranges of pitches to play.

When you are in duet mode, the leftmost pedal functions as a sustain for the left side of the keyboard.

Casio PX 870 also has options for layering sounds together which opens an all-new dimension for creativity and experimenting with different sounds.

For example, If you want to have a combination of electric pianos and strings you just need to press the layer function button, select the sound and its done. It can’t be simpler than this.

Here is a quick look at Casio PX 870 from the Brand Manager Of Casio Himself

The PX-870 also can be played along with a complete symphony orchestra using the concert play feature.

The recording of the built-in symphony orchestra also has a separate piano part which can be muted. You can either listen to the piano part or play along with it.

The Casio PX-870 offers a 60 songs music library which is more than enough for learning, and also useful as background music option.

It also contains 256 notes of polyphony which means you can play difficult passages while holding down the sustain pedal reducing your fear of dropped notes.

From my experience, I can say that Casio Privia PX 870 is a good piano in the mid-level price range. The tonal quality of the in-built speaker is very good and does not make any fizzy noises even when you play in full volume.

As a reviewer, my first job is to look for the cons of any musical instruments. But in PX 870 there is nothing much to talk about by keeping cons in mind. Some of the disadvantages are that the sound of speakers is great but is not much loud. So you need external speakers when playing it in a large room or hall.

Another thing I noticed when playing is the Pedal Positions. They are a bit high from where they were supposed to be. Another minor demerit is that when you connect your smartphone and tablets via USB port they do not charge.

The PX-870 is perfect for home, churches, schools and whenever you need uncompromising piano sound and feel.

The Price Of PX 870 mid high range budget piano but is worth your money and is perfect for if you are serious and looking for a great keyboard for a longer run.

That's all from Our End. Hope our review of Casio Privia PX 870 helped you in making a informed decision.

Till Then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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5 thoughts on “Casio Privia PX 870 [Detailed Review]

  1. Avatar
    Jennifer R. Gibson says:

    Does it provide recording and playback at the same time ? And what is the exact price cause different sites are showing different prices.

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Yes you can record and play simultaneously but you need to take care of recording track.
      The price of Casio Privia PX 870 is $999

    • Avatar
      Daniel Cooper says:

      Hey Sam, If you live in Florida you can visit my academy, I can guide you. The best way to test the keyboard is visit your nearest Casio Outlet or Sweetwater, Gear4music stores near you. IF you are a beginner I won’t suggest to buy a brand new keyboard or look for Popular instructor to get your grip on.
      I suggest you to get a little-used keyboard from eBay or other similar sites. You can also look at Amazon’s Warehouse for used PX870. You will definitely find some hidden gems with a bargained price tag for sure.
      In a beginner stage you need to start learning from free resources like Youtube or Apps.

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