Casio CTK 4400 Review

Casio CTK 4400 Review

Why We Love Casio CTK 4400 ?

Casio CTK 4400 Reviews: As you know Casio is known for making a lot of great things and one of them is making portable, affordable and great sounding keyboard for musician of all genre.

And Casio CTK 4400 is one of them. It is designed by keeping all the latest feature and affordability in mind.

If you are a teacher than I think CTK 4400 might be one of the best keyboard you should suggest to your students who are serious and dedicated in music industry.

So let’s see what CTK 4400 has to offer.

What CTK 4400 Offers ?

Tones and Rythms:

CTK 4400 comes pre-loaded with 600 different tones and 100 rhythms. So you can play it right out of the box and have more than enough tones to get inspired on creating something new.

From my opinion I can say that the sound of the inbuilt speakers are loud and good. But there is still some room to enhance it.

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Hall Effect:

One thing I really liked is “ Hall Effect Simulator “. It just need a push of button and you will experience like that the board is placed inside a dream venue like a cathedral.

This feature is quite nice as it lets you observe your music and sound in different surrounding and to play accordingly.

The sounds of the rhythms are also good. CTK 4400 comes with 180 rhythms by default.'

Rhythm Editor:

But with the built in rhythm editor you can modify them according to your need. So if you like the bass line from one rhythm you can put it in a different rhythm and save it.

There are also registration buttons these lets you save your favorite combination of rhythms sounds and effects onto a button that you can conveniently get to when you are playing live.

Casio CTK 4400 LCD display

CTK 4400 has a bright clear LCD display on the center of the instruments. The LCD display also helps in learning. The display will highlight the buttons position with hand symbol you need to play according to the song you are practicing for.

CTK 4400 offers a lot of other musical inspiration and not only the built in sound.

If you connect a microphone you can actually sample your voice and can record your voice or something else connect it into the line input and then play it on the keys. It also offers to add a lot of effects on your recorder voice making it much cooler.

Our Experience With Casio CTK 4400

" Check The Sound Of CTK 4400 "

The CTK 4400 has everything you need to start your musical journey. It has 61 velocity sensitive keys, 48 polyphony, great sound, built-in speakers, Hall effect simulator, a headphone jack for quiet practice, battery power and a power supply included, lesson mode,  so you can start playing right out of the box.

As I said earlier there is still some room left to enhance the speakers, No USB cable provided to connect it with your computer.

There are also few complains that many sellers on e-commerce sites send the piano without any adaptor. So its better to order from a reputed seller. But of course the price is bit high on the Casio’s Official site as compared with Amazon.

Overall I can say that Casio CTK 4400 is much better than average piano which comes under this affordable price tag. It has all the things a pianist looks for and will sure be your musical companion for a long run.

Casio CTK 4400 Review

Casio CTK 4400 Manual

That's all from our end. Hope, We helped you in making a good decision. If you have any queries or different opinion or just anything feel free to leave a comment and we will be more than happy to help.

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Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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