Casio CTK 3500 Keyboard Review

Casio CTK 3500 Keyboard review

Casio CTK 3500 Keyboard Review:  CTK 3500 is really great instrument if you look people something to start learn to play the keyboard but you want a few feature on it too you know keep the interest going and something to enjoy you know learning play music so when you switch it on it actually has a wonderful sort of grand piano sound and the keys on this keyboard are touch sensitive jyst like a real piano and altohogh the keys aren’t fully what we call weighted like a piano you probly see that they are shaped like a piano would be so they are square shaped and actually when you play give a really nice little feedback and there’s this nice little firm touch it’s really nice to play so it is touch sensitive and that’s nice because I can play in a really sort of expressive way if I want to and it doesnot just affect the piano sounds so we’ve got loads of different sounds on here. let’s choose for example things like guitars and I can put some you know expression into that as well because of the touch sensitive keys so there are loads of different sounds on here we’ve got other things like got electyric pianos and actually quite a few of those really very nice I can have two cells together if I want to lots of different things n here you have got some percussion sounds and things like saxophones for example so let’s choose saxophone.

Actually that’s other thing and the pitch bent wheel here is quite nice because actually I can play it like a real saxophone player would do so I can do this sort of thing I’ve also got lots of different drums over here so I can get some drum pads going like this and I can obviously play a melody at the the same time.

This will also teach you how to play from scratch you don’t need any knowledge of how to play or read music at all we’ve got over a hundred different songs in here and the ctk 3200 has its own built in sort of lesson feature so this is how it works you choose song and then you have a look at all the songs you want to play so ai m just going to keep it with number one which happens to be twinkle  star sounds like this

Okay so that’s the wjole song my job is to try and learn to play the right hand thtat now I m obviously not going to be able to rememebr it all the way through so what keyboard does is siplits that song uo into different sections a bit like this so we’re just going to hear the first part again this introduction.

Okay now this is the bit the keyboards going to get me to learn

Okay so its my turn why okay so that one tells me finger 1  1 4 5 4 3 3 2 ok any would do it again a few times until I can learn that prase and then we can move on to the next one and actually on the screen here I’ve also got a little piano keyboard and it tells me what note I have to find as well as tell me what thing the number I need to aim for so it’s a really good way of learning songs and there are loads of different songs that you can learn favorite pieces Christmas tunes classical pieces and you can learn to play in piano style if you want to mentioning piano style and I’ve also got a sustain pedal pedal connected and that’s good because I can actually start to learn if I wanted to start to learn basic piano style I can because sustain pedal is really important to do so that it worls just like on a real piano holding the notes down when I play the pedal I can’t push the pedal down so I can if I want it with this keyboard start to learn sort of to play in a basic piano style maybe to move on a later date with a properly weighted piano if I feel like I want to do that on the back there are a couple of connection so we have got over here we’ve got the sustain pedal connected in and we’ve also got a headphone socket on the back next to that is what’s called an audio input and that’s really clever because what that does is it means you can connect your iPOD  or any mo3 player and have the sound of its coming thorough the speaker which is quite handy and you can also record some some sound into the keyboard and play along with them I’ve got a few sounds on here which you can use.

They are in here let’s get rid of that yo shake okay yo hey okay as a bit of fun nothing serious but again something else to help you to injure enjoy learing music so there you got CTK 3200 lots of fun features really great keyboard and gfpor the behinneing keyboard student.


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