Casio CGP 700 Digital Piano Review

Casio CGP 700 Review

This post was most recently updated on April 19th, 2019

Casio CGP 700 Digital Piano was launched in NAMM 2015. Since then CGP 700 has made its place in the hearts of many musicians from all around the globe.

The price of CGP 700 is also lies in the mid range budget digital keyboards.

CGP 700 is packed with features and all centered around a beautiful 5.2 inch color touch interface. The color touch interface makes the piano incredibly easy to use. Infact you can easily access the 550 sounds, 200+ rhythms and other features from the elegant touch screen user interface.

Now let’s check how it works. The interface offers icons based system which allows us to choose tones, rythms, effects, mixers and more.

When you move to the tone menu you will get a scrollable screen displaying 550 songs to choose from under the category in which they are represented like Piano, electric piano, organ, string, bass, guitars and more. For example you will find classical and modern rock and roll piano under the piano category.

One thing I personally liked is that you can switch different tones even while playing the piano and the new tone gets activated without any interruption or drop to what you are playing which is simply amazing.

CGP 700 features electric pianos sampled from the award winning PX 5S stage piano from Casio. The sound is amazing and is exactly like the 5S stage piano. Its hard to distinguish even by the pro pianist.

By utilizing the color touch interface on the CGP 700 you can easily layer two sounds together. Example you can select strings tone along with piano tone and when you push the keys you will hear the tones of both the instruments together this is the function of layer feature.

There is also a balance option in the screen which allows you to quickly make adjustment to each of the sounds that you are using on the keyboard all at once.

You can just as easily split two sounds with just a single touch. Example if you want an acoustic bass in your left hand along with the piano in the right, just touch the split option and the lower sound will get activated.

If you want to change the split point the color touch interface makes this easy as well. The split point is represented on the the screen an you just need to hold the point down in the touch interface and then press the desired note on the keyboard where you would like your split point to be.

The another great feature I truly like is the setting save option. Let me explain this to you. Example If you made a combination of sounds required by your song such as piano with bass , strings or any other sounds with different split points and the level that you want and don’t want to lose all the settings as soon as you turn off the piano. Then CG 700 got you covered on this you can save your settings in one of the ninety-six registration location on the CGP 700.

In addition to the quick balance control the CGP 700 has a full graphic mixer display. Which allows you to control volume level, effect, mixes and activity on all sixteen parts at once.

For additional ease of use the CGP 700 has a dedicated button on the front panel for getting back to your primary grand piano sound.

There is also a button on the front panel for accessing transpose. So if you need to get into another key there’s up and down arrow button on the front panel to switch between other keys.

The CGP 700 also has 200 rhythms onboard which features drum patterns as well as full backing band sound to perform like a pro.

Selecting a rhythm is also same as selecting the tones. The rhythms are also present under the parent categories such as Latin, World, Country, Rock and Roll music and etc. You can switch between the rhythms of your choice on the fly without any interruption or drop.

The color touch interface of CGP 700 makes the instrument a breeze to use. I am emphazing on colors because different colors represents different options. The colors highlight the settings that you have selected and also differentiate the navigational items with different colors. The interface displays the navigational items with blue colors and the red colors shows which sound you have currently selected.

The inbuilt 40 watt sound system of CGP 700 produces high quality crisp and clear sound. The sound system is uniquely three way designed with 4 speakers in the top of the piano and 2 speakers enclosed in the stand itself. This designs gives an amazing full range output and this type of design is hard to find in any other digital piano.

At first glance CGP 700 may look bulky but you can take it off the stand and can move with it wherever you like. Without stand only the top 4 speakers will function because the other 2 speakers are on the stand.

For a quarter inch output you have got a quarter inch output which allows you to easily connect CGP 700 with any keyboard amplifier, PA system or any other recording device.

On the front CP 700 also allows you to connect a USB thumb drive to record audio, playback audi, load or save MIDI files and more.

Even on the back of the keyboard there is also a class compliant USB MIDI interface which allows you to use CGP 700 with your Mac, Pc, tablets without the need for downloading and installing additional driver. Just plug in your device and you are ready to go.

The rear end also has 8th  inch stereo audio input allowing you to utilize the powerful 40 watt speaker system for your MP3 player, tablet or other devices.

Without the stand CGP 700 weighs only 26 pound and is remarkably lightweight and portable to carry around wherever you go.

From my personal experience I can say that CGP 700 is an incredible all in one solution digital keyboard. With hundreds of sounds and rhythms which are easily available via the innovative touch interface makes it quite easy to use even for a newbie.

The powerful 40 watt speaker with unique three way design will let you dive even into the minor details of the songs.

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