Casio CDP S350 Digital Piano Review

casio cdp s350

Everyone at Casio is proud of the CDP S350 because it redefines value in a digital piano offering hundreds of sounds, rhythms, recording features, and more at an incredibly affordable price.

Casio CDP-350 is one of the most popular model ever in the field of digital piano manufacturing. In the year 2019, Casio landed their CDP-350 model in the market, which is in great demand by customers.

Apart from this, the CDP-350 gives you accurate piano sound and touch in an unbelievably slim design with dimensions of 132.2 cm x 23.2 cm x 9.9 cm, it weighs only 25 pounds, and can run on batteries. So it's a digital piano that you can take anywhere.

With exceptional features like sounds and rhythms, it also provides a brand-new hammer action keyboard that's heavier on the base end and gets lighter as you move up to the treble end. 

The keys textured with simulated ebony and ivory touch giving you are a confident feel in any playing condition. With 700 tones, the  CDP 350 is an absolute powerhouse, and Casio made it easy to use.

With that said, let's discover an in-depth view of each feature and assets that Casio CDP-350 has to offer the industry. 

Comparing Casino CDP-350 With Casio Other Best Selling






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PX S1000


Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Touch Controls


App Connectivity

AC/DC Power Support

Lightweight (25 Lb)

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Great Sound 

AiR Sound Technology

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Tone - 600

Rhythms - 180

Bright Display


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Rhythms - 150

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Great Speaker

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Lesson Function

Tones - 400

Rhythms - 100

Chordana App 

Dance/Music Mode

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Scaled Hammer Action Keys

Detailed Resonance

Sound Projection Speaker


Key Slider Cover

Design & Layout

Casio cdp 350

The Casio CDP-350 has an exotic modern look with a slim body and traditional touch. The size's slim and durable with 20.47 cm x 3.58 cm x 1.5 cm dimensions that weigh only 24 pounds. 

Because of the dimensions, the model is 40% smaller and slimmer than compared to the other instruments.  As I noticed that, the case is barely bigger than the keys.

Being so light-weighted, you can carry it anywhere easily without any back pain.

Now, you can call this a hybrid because it is not only a stage piano but besides being that it also has arranger functions.

It has some basic workstation functions so, if you want to get an experience of an introductory feel to arrangers and workstations this is the ticket without spending a lot.

On the other hand, the materials used in building the body, buttons, and knobs are high-quality and while playing the piano you would never feel cramps or discomfort if you are not familiar with the digital pianos keyboards.  


cdp 350 CON

The Casino CDP-350 has a total of 88 keys, which is ubiquitous in digital pianos. The buttons and the knobs are felt solidly and provide an authentic experience.

Well, I love the simulated key and I release the matte texture gives me confidence when I play quick classical passages. 

However, it features Graded Hammer action on the touch-sensitive keys as found in the acoustic pianos that mean the keys on the lower registers start heavy and get lighter as you progress to the higher registers.

The keys are light & soft that wouldn't require putting enough weight into the keys while playing.

Casio CDP 350 is an eight digital piano where you would place a set of piano technicians' gram weights on each key and get academic about touch response.

It is important to realize that these features don't make it a perfect piano keyboard. There is a slight difference in pressure needed to apply on the black and the white keys. 

The First thing to remember is, if you are highly skilled and new to digital pianos, your fingers might take time to get familiar with the different pressures. 

Overall, the keys of the piano are friendly and warm.


CDp 350 speakers

Cheap digital pianos are inferior in sound quality, but this statement is proven wrong by the Casio CDP-350. Though it is at an affordable rate, it never feels like a cheap piano. CDP-350 worth paying the price. 

The CDP-350 has an amazing set of gig-ready sounds also, it has 200 rhythms onboard those can be simple drum patterns or a full backing band.

One of the biggest specs that jump out at you as you are reading through the information on this is the fact that it has hundreds of on-board sounds. 

The onboard sounds are not just general midi 2 sounds these are pretty high quality sounds that they've got loaded in the piano, and you're able to access them in a nice and organized way. 

So, there are three different modes that you can use and there's a tone button that allows you to pick the various sounds that you're going to be playing. 

Another key point is, it has 700 preinstalled instrumental tones, which is incredible at the offered price.

Watch the below video to get a feel of the sound in the Casio CDP 350 Piano model. 


womens 1648811

The Casino CDP-350 provides 200 pre-included rhythms. The rhythms have different varieties.

They may not be perfect but, these are a lot better than compared to the other pianos of the same range. 

Rhythms in cheaper pianos are not as good as CDP-350 and the best part of rhythms is, they perfectly fit into your tempo.

At the same time, if you are perfect with your notes, beats, and tempo but looking for a professional rhythm, you might get disappointed with this piece, but it fits with the variety of Tempos you play and provides a neat rhythm. 

However, CDP-350 is a lot better than other brands in terms of rhythm at this price range.


IMG 20210221 115901

I wish that the Casio CDP-350 comes with higher polyphony. The 64 note polyphony is sufficient for most beginner and intermediate pieces. 

It is important to note that, among 64 notes in the CDP-350 it can drop to 34 for some specific tones. 64 is a low polyphony count but, you can not avoid considering the price offered to you. 

On the other hand, it offers you 24 different inbuilt piano tones to ensure that you will be able to find a most suitable piano sound whether you are playing pieces from the Baroque classical romantic or contemporary era. 

Sound Recording

You can record six songs made by you along with the tracks and the main feature is muting and copying.

Apart from this, Casio CDP-350 offers you the recording section that allows you to record the rhythms and the accompaniments along with the song. 

After the recording, you can transfer all the recorded songs to the computer by using a USB stick.


drums 31359 1280

Accompaniment is crucial as it provides a harmonica basis for your play.

You can combine several harmonic or non-harmonic modal patterns with a chordal piano and produce great music.

Apart from this, there are a few different parts of the auto accompaniment system.

You can access the rhythm by just hitting the rhythm button and that is going to allow you to access all the different categories of rhythm. 

Similarly, you've got the jazz, and you can tap the tempo in which is a really handy feature Then the second part of this would be the auto accompaniment. 

This feature is an overall package of almost everything you are looking for in a digital piano. 


category casio cdp350

 CDP-350 offers three different modes: 

  • Layer mode
  • Split mode
  • Duet mode

Layer mode

With the layer mode, you can play two songs simultaneously, and it is a premium feature offered only by an expensive digital piano. 

Apart from this, you can try to experiment with 700 tones and different layering as offered by the CDP-350.

Split mode

The split mode of the piano allows you to divide your piano into two sections. The left side provides a bass sound, and the right side presents the key-based sound. 

This feature is helpful to the high-level piano players who have to perform on the stage. So, if you are thinking to have a performance on a large scale, you should practice using the split mode.

Duet mode

At last, the Duet mode cleaves your piano into two equal divisions. Each division of duet mode has a similar Octave range. With the help of this feature, two people can play the piano sidewise. For example, the teacher and student can sit side by and can learn to play the piano. 

All these three features together provide you with the best key and sound experience at an affordable range. 

Connectivity & Accessories

cdp 250 connectivity

On the back panel, you've got an AC adapter input, an eight-inch TRS audio input, quarter-inch T as pedal jack, USB a and B jacks, and a proprietary jack for the SP 34 triple pedal.

An eight-inch TRS audio input allows you to take your mp3 player or whatever and feed that into it. 

On the other hand, they offer the quarter-inch T as pedal Jack so that you can hook up the pedal that comes with this or a more suitable replacement like an audio Universal pedal.  

Therefore, the only output of this is that eighth-inch TRS stereo output jack you can hook headphones up to that or if you don't have headphones plugged in you can play with the built-in speakers.

The best part is there are all kinds of adapter cables available.

For example, if you are recording on a zoom f6 which takes XLR inputs left and right, so they offer you an adapter cable that gives you 1/8 inch stereo TRS.

The other ends are broken down into the left and right XLR channels, so you can plug into the recorder. 

So, just because they only have that eighth-inch TRS stereo jack doesn't mean you are limited. There are cables and adapters to adapt this to anything. 

Apart from this, the Casio CDP-350 provides you with the following accessories while purchasing the piano:

  • Sp-3 Damper Pedal 

  • AC Adapter

  • Music Stand

  • Music Rest

3 pedel cdp-350

When you attach a triple pedal system on this Casio CDP-350, you get half-pedalling soft and Sorrento control just like a traditional acoustic piano. 

The Damper Stand is a cheap class pedal. You can go with the SP-34 triple pedal if it fits into your pocket. Apart from the above, you can buy below-suggested accessories:

  • Headphones

  • Sustain Pedal

  • Keyboard Stand

Cordana Play App

casio cdp 350 cordana

The CDP-350 can also be used as a midi controller featuring a class-compliant USB midi port you can plug it into your favourite software, and you're ready to go you can also use the CDP S350 with Casio's free app Cordana play for piano.

This app allows you to remote control many of the features of the CDP-350, but it also has features to help you learn how to play complete the piano.

However, the CDP-350 has the Sp-34 three-pedal option. This duplicates the functions of the pedals on a grand piano but with the Cordana play for the piano app, it can also be used for other functions such as turning pages on your sheet music. 

There's also the CS46 matching wooden stand which will keep the CDP-350 at the perfect playing height.

My Experience with the Casio CDP-350 Digital Piano

man 3262834

The 88 weighted Keys digital piano isn't the man for the very demanding advanced piano players. You will not find high-end features such as damper and string resonance or key and dampen. 

I think if you are looking for an instrument where you will be using the default piano voice 99% of the time you would be better looking somewhere else.

What makes the Casio CDP-350 digital pianos stand out is the full flash arranger functionality in a very portable package and at a price that beats every competitor out there. 

If you enjoy playing conventional piano pieces as well as playing with various other instruments voices along with the lush rhythm accompaniments CDP is the best choice.

Best Alternatives of Casion CDP 350

Reasons To Buy

Reasons To Avoid

  • Affordable Price
  • Premium Features
  • A large no of tones
  • Balanced & Warm Sound
  • Record & Preset Feature
  • Full Accompaniment Feature
  • Low Polyphony
  • Lack of Line Output
  • Keys might not be comfortable for all

Till then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love.

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