Casio CDP 135 Review The Only budget Piano You Need

Casio CDP-135 Digital Piano Package Beginner Package

I can say that CDP 135 is a true digital piano. It’s meant for people who want authentic piano-like feel when playing.

The Casio CDP 135 despite its low price is not a cheap feeling piano.

It provides a fully weighted keyboard experience. CDP 135 has a full 88 keys, Same amount of keys as a real piano making it a good choice in affordable price range piano.

The Detailed Review Of Casio CDP 135 Piano

Most of the controls are on the top left side of the keyboard.

Under rear of the keyboard, you will get a USB port for connecting to your computer. The rear part also has a connection for the damper pedal, headphones or audio out and the power connection.

The speakers on both sides have not out of the word quality but it is still very good when comparing price/quality ratio.

You can always plug and play it with a good amplifier or some better sound system in case you are performing somewhere. So, I can say overall the sound is pretty good for a built-in speaker.

The Sound

Casio CDP 135 Features amd keys

By holding down the function button you will get the sound effect like from 3 different pianos.

The sounds will be categorized as standard sounding, mellow and bright sounding piano.

The upper function buttons also allow you to change the theme of the piano into 3 different electric sounding piano.

The 3 electronic sounds are standard electric sound but one of sounding caught my attention is because it is more Rhodes sounds feeling that I have not heard of in pianos of this price range.

Casio CDP 135 also has a harpsichord, strings, pipe organ (perfect for a wedding or traditional celebration), jazz organ. One more thing that I really liked is the hall effect.

When using Hall effect your board will be sounding like you are playing it in some sort of hall. It also has some chores effects as well as some reverb effects too.

Other Functionality

The USB port on the back side allows you to plug the device on the computer and use it as a midi controller.

So if you think about it for about $300 which is not much more than you spend for MIDI controller keyboard you get like a full digital piano which you can use to control samples or intermitted data into your software directly from the keyboard.

It also has a built-in metronome.

The body is quite well built and lustrous but is still very lightweight and easy to carry around. To carry it around all you need a perfect case like this and you are ready to move with your board. 


Casio CDP 135 Review

So to sum it up I can say that CDP 135 is a really nice keyboard for the value.

The 88 scaled weighted hammer action keys which of course means that it is little bit down heavier on left end and gets little bit lighter to press as you get higher like a real piano would.

It Is kind of a no-frills keyboard that you can take around with you if you need to. It gives you a satisfying feeling you will feel like you’re really playing and not a toy as it has little bit professional feel to it.

So If you are on a budget and looking for cheap keyboard than CDP-135 is here for your rescue.

Another thing you will definitely love is the simplified and minimalist top section of the keyboard. The buttons are well organized on the corner and rest of the 80% space is just smooth and lustrous.

CDP 135 comes with AC adaptor, Power cords, sustained or damper pedal – if you don’t find it according to your use than we recommend this and this pedal for a better experience. You will also get the sheet music stand and a user manual.

So, CDP 135 is a great piano from Casio and is also affordable, so if you are a beginner than CDP 135 is a good option to go with.

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