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Affordable Record Players With Quality Sound

Isn’t finding the perfect turntables below $100 a difficult task for the music fans?

Well, this list of ours is bound to provide them a helping hand in their search process.

No wonder that a standardized record player is a must for you to play your favorite LP's (Long Olay), and undoubtedly one can give a thought to manage with the cheaper ones at one instance.

But the problem with the cheaper models is that their needles and belts aren’t just suitable for playing the higher vinyl with realistic sound and consistency.

So, simply by extending your budget by a bit you will be able to acquire some of the best models that too without actually burning a hole in your pocket. Isn’t it amazing?

Best Budget Turntables Under $100

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Record Player - Built in Speakers

Jensen JTA-230 3 Speed Stereo Record Player with Built in Speakers

The main features of this Record Player are :

  • User-friendly and easy to access controls for the pitch and tone and the volume for achieving equilibrium speed or the sound.
  • Switch for automatic-stop as well as standardised inputs concerning the auxiliary and RCA cables.
  • It also has USB connectivity options with the PC for MP3 recording purposes
  • Amazon's Choice For "Jensen Turntable"

The turntable’s size should not mislead you as it isn’t that heavy as much it may seem to you by looking at it.

The major space is occupied by the technical components delivering the superb play ability within the budget for the music lovers.

The large and small knobs provide with plenty of choices in regard to the best of sounds expected from the device constructed to gel with the captious tuning.

In order to record the best of sounds, the knobs are all the more essential.

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers

Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable

The Main Features Of Victrola Vintage 3 Turntable Are :

  • Handy and easy to carry suitcase plus the outstanding turntable with 3-speed.
  • In-built speakers along with Bluetooth capacities with a 33- feet away range.
  • 3.5 mm headphone jack for other extrinsic add-ons.

The vintage turntable is a charming delight with the perfect resemblance of a record player.

The budget friendly turntable is derived from a brand with historical lineage in the vinyl segment and with fusions that place it well in the modern era.

This model basically gives more preference to the form rather than the functions yet it’s a good choice to make if the bottom line is something more of your concern.

Keep in mind to remove the LP prior closing the lid of it, although similar to the other turntables with identical suitcase design this one also cuts down the weight as well as the space occupied with the aid of the offset center.

Jensen JTA-222 3-Speed Turntable

Jensen JTA-222 - best audiophile turntable

Its features are as follows :

  • Has forward – facing speakers, which means better quality sound is generated.
  • There is also the in-built speaker and the RCA jack.
  • Features the distinctive older radio style with the AM/FM stereo.
  • Amazon's Choice For - "Jensen Record Player"

It is a versatile instrument with nostalgic older days feel, due to its look as well as the way the functions are designed in it.

There is the similar to the radio in-built tuner, for you to select a station rather than a LP. In our opinion, if you are just a beginner in this segment, then this turntable promises higher performance in comparison to the amount spend by you to acquire it.

You also get the user manual for convenient and hassle- free use of the speaker.

Its speakers deliver superb sound, and it also possess the extra features such as the RCA, output jack, headphone jack, protective cover against dust etc. 

1byone Belt Driven 3 Speed Portable Stereo Record Player

1byone Belt Driven 3 Speed Portable Stereo record player

The main features of 1byone Record Players are :

  • Amazon's choice for 1byone record player.
  • The three audio options included are: RCA output, AUX In, in-built speakers, operating as the Bluetooth receiver.
  • Facilitates recording of vinyl to MP3 so that you are able to carry with you your collection, whichever place you move to.
  • Has modern and simplistic design with clean outlook.
  • Amazon's Choice For - "1byone"

The speaker has all the features of a modern -day turntable embedded in itself, and in fact is a step further.

The choice to record directly to the MP3 format, mostly in case one wishes to carry their music along with themselves in the form of a soundtrack.

The belt-driven case is a perfect example of fusion style and very appealing too, with the leather case making it all the more portable. The forward- facing speakers facilitate proper listening in all sorts of environment.

Though this is mid-budgeted model, we won’t press you to risk your investments on it, but at times, such turntables are fully capable of setting your mood right, and justify your choice.

Wockoder Record Player Wireless Portable LP Phonograph with Built in Stereo Speakers

Record Player Turntable Wireless Portable LP Phonograph

The Main Features Of the Turntable/Recordplayer Are :

  • Amazon's Choice For Wockoder record player
  • Has built-in speakers with wireless connections also possible.
  • Is belt driven, reducing undesirable vibrations.
  • Available in 3 speeds, supporting for 3 record sizes.

The super audacious speaker manages to be the bestselling speaker on Amazon, so much to our delight and this proves its performance standards.

We aren’t advocating that in that case you should consider it as the best speaker out in the market, but within $100, it is certainly much appealing.

Its in-built speakers are compatible with Bluetooth function which means you are free to play the songs from anywhere like a phone or tab or the other Bluetooth compatible devices.

The vintage style of it, blends well with all varieties of interiors.

ION Audio Max LP | 3 Speed variant Vinyl Conversion Turntable with Stereo Speakers

ION Audio Max LP - Three Speed Vinyl Conversion Turntable with Stereo Speakers

Highlights :

  • It makes use of the ceramic cartridge having conical needle.
  • Is compatible with the USB and thus converting vinyl to digital files.
  • User-friendly interface perfect for novice.

Though these speakers may seem to be small in size, however it delivers amazing sound along with the specifications like the clean outlook, light-weight wooden body, that compliments with all sorts of room décor and is enough to drive you crazy.

Complete enclosure of it is also praiseworthy, with offset center being a genuine method of saving the space when it isn’t playing.

It has the conversion software included in it and that’s an amazing, since conversion of your collection is now quick and easy.  There is the also the dust protect cover included that is really handy.

Musitrend Mini Stereo - 3 Speed Record Player

Musitrend Mini Stereo Turntable 3 Speed Record Player with Built-in Speakers

Highlights of the Musitrend Mini Stereo Record Player are :

  • Amazon's choice for "Musitrend record player".
  • Isn’t heavy and thus easily portable.
  • Well-designed with wooden body and protective dust cover.
  • Numerous audio output and receiving alternatives and 3-speed capability, along with MP3 recording feature.

Going down the list, next we have this turntable that doesn’t adorn features to turn heads, there isn’t much extraordinary stuffs with this speaker, which means it isn’t either too horrible.

In simple terms, we can say that there isn’t anything special that shall make it stand apart from the others in the list.

However, it does complete justice to itself keeping in mind the price of it, and won’t let you down in any aspect.

Being fairly priced, well-built, and including the good amount of the required features, it is a good choice to make at this price match.

All cannot be great, and its absolutely not a problem, yet, this model has much of all that one may need, and it is a lovely speaker for you to try.

Crosley CR6019D-BR Executive Portable USB - with Bluetooth

Crosley CR6019D-BR Executive Portable USB Turntable

Highlights of the Turntable are :

  • Hefty clasps and firm handle; easy to carry while travelling.
  • Flaunts the vintage outlook along with leather suit-case design style.
  • There is the battery-supported power option.

It has the adjustable pitch control function that helps in customising the listening experience.

It has in-built speakers so you are always and anytime ready to play the music at one go.

It is USB enabled so file conversion is no more a cumbersome task.

The speaker embraces almost all of the required functions without being much fanciful.

The outlook of the turntable is just lovely, with the ceramic style cartridge, giving you nostalgic feel and strong and durable components.  

Audio Technica AT-LP60X-BK Full Automatic - Belt-Drive Stereo Record Player

Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Record Player

Highlights of the Audio-Technica Record Player are :

  • Amazon's choice for "Audiotechnica record player"
  • It has fully automated tonearm, that on its own gets to start and is back home once every album is done.
  • There is the magnetic cartridge offering fortifying and pristine playability along with other prevailing attributes.
  • In-built swappable phono pre-amplifier.
  • Well-known brand and the model especially for its premium quality and excellent technology.

This is the most amazing record player within the range of $100, that is the Audio technica AT-LP60X.

You should not be worried about its performance going by the price range it falls under as the brand produces excellent quality products at all price ranges to suit the demands and needs of all categories of consumers.

Launched in 2019 itself, it is the updated model of the absurdly prospering AT- LP60 series.

The brand is acknowledged for the creation of the finest audio gear present in the market.

The good thing is that despite being an entry level turntable it has the capacity to manage the weighty vinyl that too with absolute ease.

Its light-weighted making it portable though requires careful handling for the technological components to be intact and in the best working conditions.

Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable

Pyle PLTTB1 Professional Belt-Drive Manual Turntable

Highlights :

  • Smoother and steadier playback with the help of the weighted tonearm.
  • Getting the sweet spot even at great speed is easier, due to the fine-tune pitch control.
  • Extra start/switch is provided with the anti-skating feature.

It may be simple and minimal in design and that’s what makes it a perfect fit in any of the present household as it has greater aesthetic appeal with a sharp and dark look that enhances its beauty all the more.

The model drives us back in time when the turntables were still highly positioned in the market, even after the CDs and the tapes had started to make their significant presence in the retail market.

There are lighted and shining details of the control buttons easy to function in the dark and party environments.

MIRIC - With Bluetooth Vinyl Record 3 Speed

Record Player, Turntable Bluetooth for Vinyl Record 3 Speed with Two Dual Stereo Speakers

Highlights :

  • Is supportive with the U disk besides the SD card play.
  • The speakers are forward facing due to which stereo sound is projected through the space which would otherwise be diffused with the side speakers.
  • The faux leather makes it all the more a classy piece along with the vintage design.

Considering the price of the speaker we do not claim that this speaker will make you feel any awe yet, its for sure worth all your time and money as is really comfortable and superb piece of creation.

Another fact about this turntable that is worth knowing is the portability that it derives from its design mainly due to the suit-case style, so now, wherever you may go, a listening session with friends isn’t any distant dream.

It even adds to your style quotient, and you can proudly place it in front of your audience as its styling increases the wow factor in it.

Record Player Buying Guide

How to buy a turn table

The most common question that arises in mind of lots of first time record player buyers are.

Q. How do I choose a turntable ?  There's lots of different options out there and lots of different brands and models which should I opt for ?

For me the answer lies in just one question. what's your budget ?

That's a big consideration that you need to think about as there are turntables that are for under $100 (like we reviewed on this list) there are turntables 200 300,400 500 dollars all the way up to $1,000.

And more now personally, I think spending over a grand for a turntable is a bit excessive.

You can find some quality turntables anywhere between the $50 to $300 price range.

Be sure that any turntable you buy must have the option to replace the needle whenever required. Also take care that the needle quality must be your first priority.

Because some low quality needles can destroy your quality records. In short they chew up the records, it’s going to destroy your grooves and makes your record sound awful in a very short time.

The next thing you're going to need to think about is the features. What features do you want in your turntable?

The thing to consider before buying is that do you want to play the standard 33 and 1/3 RPM records or you going to play the 45 or older 78 records (which needs a special stylus).

Do you want a turntable that plays backward (do you really need this) ?

Do you want your turntable to do different pitches ?

These features may sound fancy at first glance but may be you need them.

But from my perspective lots of features won’t be needed by a beginner.

So make your decision with due diligence like if you are only going to play 33 records then why would you need a turntable with other 2 speed variant ?

If you are too much confused I suggest to pick Jensen JTA-230 from the above list and you are ready to rock.

The last consideration you need to think about is, Can you upgrade your turntable ?

Make sure the turntable you buy has the option to upgrade when you require it down the road.

The things which generally needs upgrade over times are Turntable mat, the needles, counterweight, preamp (only possible on models which has built in pre-amps).

There is no one right turntable for everyone as it depends upon what are your needs, what you are going to listen to, what speed of records you’re going to be playing. So ask these questions with yourself before opting for one.

What is a turntable and how it works?

How a turntable work

Turntables are not new musical instrument. You may have seen one your grandparents or parents’ house. Turntable is a simple musical instrument that are used to play vinyl records.

The vinyl discs has tiny microscopic grooves which when contacted by carbon needle (stylus) of the turntable which result in the small vibrations and these small vibrates the copper coil in backward and forward direction.

The thing to note is that the copper coil is placed in the middle of 2 magnets and the movement creates an electric form of energy and passes on to the amplifier to create the beautiful sound from the vinyl disc.

Many experts claim that the sound of vinyl discs are much better than digital sounds.

The name turntable is derived because of the inbuilt motor and the rotating vinyl disc.

What is the difference between a turntable and record player?

What Is The Difference Between A Turntable And Record Player.

Many beginners gets confused that most of the time the term “record player” and “turntable” are used interchangeably, why so ?

What is the actual difference between record player and turntable ?

The difference is quite simple the one which has inbuilt amplification system or speakers is called record player and on the other hand turntable does not have amplification system. You need an additional set of speakers when using turntable.

Final Words

Finally, coming to the end of the list, the points that matter the most while you make your choice is mostly regarding the performance of the turntable, price range it falls into, its outlook, design, style and aesthetic appeal, etc.

This list shall help you by providing a guidance regarding the features of the turntables and what are the essential points that you must look for and the trivial ones that can be ignored.

All this will surely help you a lot in deciding that which one is the best for you simultaneously keeping the budget in mind.

Being an avid lover of music or more aptly an audiophile, you deserve to own the best fulfilling all your requirements at the same time.

There doesn’t exist a perfect piece that shall be the best and match all the parameters, especially if you are specific about the range.

So, it is generally advisable for you to pre-decide the most important parameters that according to you must be present in the turntable that you are looking for.

In this way, your task is much easier and there is maximum chances that you will be successful in making the right choice.

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    Thanks for your review I just bought JTA 230 after reading this page and I am very much satisfied with my purchase, Even I got it for $45 only thanks to the offer. I connected to my old iPod through the auxiliary input and the sound was up to the mark. 10/10 for the recommendation

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