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Why We Need Guitar Capos For Better Playing Experience

Are you in search of the perfect capo for your electric guitar? Like one that works without disrupting the tune of the strings?

Evaluating the best type of capo for the electric guitar can be complicated for a guitar apprentice.

Specially, when the mediocre capo manufacturers attests, that their capos shall function fine with an acoustic as well as electric guitars.

Which proves to be true at times, though there are various capos that are too powerful for electric guitars and shall distort the tune of the strings and also deform them.

Doesn’t it sound irritating? Of-course It does.

This is why we complied this list of 5 Best Electric Guitar Capos among which few are a perfect fit for Acoustic Guitars as well. In the following list we will also recommend some of the capo for intonation.

Don't know what is capo and How to Use a Capo on Guitar ?? Click Here For Answer

Capos Definition by Wikipedia - A clamp used in fretted instruments to adjust the tuning manually by fastening across the strings

Parameters for selecting Quality Capos

guitar accessories list
  • Lighter clamping coercion (so, that the strings of the guitar do not bend while playing.)
  • Can scale up and down the guitar’s neck without much efforts.
  • The upper part of the capo should be thin, which also referred to as the clamp or sleeve. This allows you to place the capo much nearer to the fret.
  • Resilience, this may seem quiet genuine to you, but there are numerous inexpensive capos present in the market either of which haven’t been mentioned in this list. This made me incorporate this parameter in the list of necessary parameters.

Cheap and Best Acoustic / Electric Guitar Capos

Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 and Shubb Standard Series BC-20 (C5)

Shubb Deluxe Series GC-30 Best Acoustic Guitar Capo

Shubb Deluxe

You must remember that both the capos are almost identical.

The one point of distinction between the two is related to the material, the SHUBB standard is composed of nickel coated brass whereas the SHUBB deluxe is constructed of steel. 

The reason of making the deluxe from steel was that steel is scratch resistant.

why do we regard them to be the best capo for an electric guitar ?

To keep it simple it is so because they have options for adjusting tension, integrating proficiency and tempo.

The two capos have unanimous time adjustments for tension.

You just need to identify the suitable tension, then set it and relax further, which is certainly great.

You have to only twist the knob to identify the correct tension for your guitar and then there isn’t any need to do this whole process again and again.

I simply love these capos with the best part being that in case you are using these capos for any other guitar there simply readjust it if required and if not then better.

Shubb Standard Series BC-20 (C5) Banjo Capo

The capos are easily affordable

So being honest, majority of the best capos range somewhere in between 40$ to 100$.

But when it comes to these capos they won’t actually burn a hole in your pockets.

You can find these capos at any place that sells capos that too nearly for 20$ or less than it. (At The Time Of This Writing)

In addition to it, if you face any issue with it then there is easy exchange policy without any extra charges.

The capos have good looks

Though this is absolutely my individual opinion, yet the look of the capos is slender and not heavy or too extravagant like most of the capos you get to see in the market.

Produced of superior material

You can get to see many such capos that are composed of plastic material.

However SHUBB opts for different material to ensure that all of its Capos are of top quality.

When compared to most of the inexpensive capos composed of plastic, SHUBB does stand apart and qualifies to be in the top most category.

Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6 string acoustic guitars

Kyser Guitars for Vets (G4V) Quick Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars

The KYSER capo is a bit erratic as it has a capo version with less tension in comparison to any capo for an acoustic. 

Though the particular capo has an adjustable tension and not just a typical one.

So, there are chances that you may need to flex the capo, something which I wouldn’t prefer doing.

Though according to me its tension is perfect that saves a lot of time as I only have to clamp.

With the rest of the capos mentioned here, one has to make readjust again whenever you use the capo and it can be a real pain to do so.

Reasons To Buy

  • you can technically adjust the tension.
  • the method of its working saves a good amount of time.
  • Kyser Quick-Change Capo The capo Quite Cheap.
  • Amazon's Choice For - "kyser capo"

Reasons To Avoid

  • the design isn’t that stunning.

Planet Waves NS Capo Pro From D'Addario Accessories

Planet Waves NS Best Guitar Capos


This capo looks amazing, sophisticated and smooth, the words that strikes to your head when you see the capo for the very first time. 

Many capos seem to be look cheap or have underrated looks but it’s not the case with this one.

This capo has adjustable tension also.

Just glide the capo on and next you need to make adjustments to the tension with the help of a thumbscrew by simply unscrewing the thumbscrew. This is an extremely easy task.

Biggest advantage of this capo- it is highly affordable under $25. (At The Time Of This Writing)


The capo cannot be quickly released which means that in case you require to remove it or readjust it, it can’t be done that fast.

Plus, many guitarist have faced complications while using the capo on an acoustic guitars.

Wherein the tension doesn’t persist for too long.

This is all the more as the acoustic guitars require greater tension compared to an electric guitar.

Therefore if you intend to use this capo on an acoustic guitar then you may prefer reconsidering your choice and opt for some other capo.

G7th Performance 2 Guitar Capo - G7C-P2GLD 


G7th G7C-P2GLD Performance 2 Acoustic Guitar Capos

This capo is considerably well-known, and the particular model is famous for its comfortable and easy usage.

You just need to press down the two sides of the capo till it develops a firm hold.

When it comes to releasing, just lift the lever.

The capo is a remarkable one as you can operate it single handed and also has simpler method of adjusting the tension.


The capo is quite expensive capo when compared with the rest.

The price being somewhere around $40. (At The Time Of This Writing)

Athough you can always take a look at the latest price at Official Site.

Next issue with this capo, despite being so costly there is no guarantee regarding its durability, something which is not a grave issue as they have a lifetime warranty.

Thus, if this capo ever deceives you, be relaxed and just return it and receive another capo.

Few things to mention about the capo: It is available in 3 distinct models, one with 7.25” vintage radius, the classical version, and the regular 6-string model.

Be assured that you are making the right choice if you opt to purchase this capo.

Other Best Selling Guitars Capos

Apart from the above list. Here is our selection of some of the highest selling capos over online music stores like Guitar Center, Sweetwater, Amazon and others.

Thalia Capos 200 Series Professional Guitar Capo - The Premier Choice

200 Series Thalia Capo Chrome

The brand Thalia Capos is quite popular among guitarist and for all the good reasons. Their manufactured capos are priced higher then the regular ones but it stands against the time and enhances your playing experience too.

WINGO - Best Selling and Budget Friendly

WINGO Guitar Capo for Acoustic and Electric with 5 picks

nordic essentials capo

Nordic Essentials Aluminum Metal Universal Guitar Capo

Tips For Using Capos and F.A.Q

There's some common misconception with using Capos like - 

Do using capos considered cheating ? What Are the Benefit In Using Capos ?

Well, It's better to show you the reasons and why some people consider using capos as cheating. Check The Below Video

How Capo Works ?

How To Make Capos On Your Own - DIY Capos

Quick Tips For Using Capos.

  1. While playing place the capo as near as possible to the fret, since it besides enhancing the sound also protects the strings of your guitar from distortions.
  2. Whenever feasible ensure that you adjust the clamping force on the capo, as it isn’t good if it’s firm as well as equally bad if it’s too loose because then it won’t work properly. The lesser the force the fewer the possibilities of bending of your strings.

Final Words

FInal WOrd and our experience with the best among of them

Basically if you choose any of these capos mentioned in this list, they are going to function great with your electric as well as acoustic guitars.

Besides there are so many other capos present in the market that are good enough.

So on this note, I recommend SHUBB Capos as the greatest of all and the ultimate winner like always from the 1974.

The reason being that they got the finest adjustment settings and for an affordable price.

Thus your guitar shall not go out of tune, and they are also super comfortable for usage.

Apart from these benefits, the look of these capos is also superb.

Well, I expect that you found the article to be useful and had a good time reading it, and if you feel like suggesting some other fine capos, or want to share your experience then kindly tell us about it by dropping your suggestion in the comment box provided below.

I shall give my best efforts to keep updating this list with time.

That's all from our end.

Till Then,

Keep Playing and Spread Love 

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