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Learning Piano is not an easy task it requires a lot of patience and practice. 

Starting out with online piano lessons is a good way to just kick things off but later in your life, you will need a piano teacher if you plan to persuade your musical journey. 

But there are a few things you must need to know before you start taking your piano lessons. So let's jump on to them.

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Notation is not music

music sheet - Notations are not music

This is the most important thing that lots of people get confused with. Let me say it again "Notation Is Not Music".

Music sheets were invented to record music back on the days when electricity was an issue. But the sheet formed a base as a "music key" to play the specific song.

But this does not give you the idea that music is a language.

The sheet turns you into a person who understands the symbols and plays accordingly by just watching them. If a single symbol is replaced by something else you won't be able to figure out what happened.

But this does not give you the idea that music is a language. The sheet turns you into a person who understands the symbols and plays accordingly by just watching them. If a single symbol is replaced by something else you won't be able to figure out what happened.

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By this, I do not mean to say that you don't need to know how to read the music sheet but you must need to understand how the stuff works.

I have seen lots of high-level piano students who just put the sheet in front of them and start playing the stuff. But the level of understanding of music is far below than their actual performances.

Playing the piano is not about just pressing the buttons mentioned on the sheets. It's about playing with your soul, improvising, adding your voice, In short making your own music and able to express yourself.

Piano is Not a string instrument

Piano string

Don't get men wrong when I say Piano (Acoustic Piano) is not a string instrument it is a melodic percussion instrument (Not talking about Digital Pianos).

When you think about it is percussion instrument your approach toward piano playing will change. Let's move to our third point as it is connected with it.

How to practice piano When You Are away from piano

As I said above, If a piano is a percussion instrument than you are a percussionist, so you can pick up percussion from all sort of places (even thumping by your feet or by thumping your hand on your thighs, on tables, on buckets and everywhere else) all the time.

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This will help you to increase your hand's interplay by building the synopsis between the neurons in your brain. In this way, you can still build these percussion skills even when you are away from the piano.

Listen to whenever you are pressing a key

Listen To Whatever You Are Playing

This is one of the most important parts as I said above music sheet is just a recording of the song you are playing. It is not real music.

A lot of people play pianos but they do not really listen to the keys whatever they are playing. It is really important to catch the tone of the key you are playing in your mind.

I am saying this with my own experience that the part of the brain that sings is the part of the brain that plays.

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You need to synchronize it like that you are singing with your fingers. In short, you need to sing what you are playing (not to make you a singer but to create proper synchronization) when you are practicing.

There are lots of exercises to establish this synchronization. But when you get control over "what you sing - what you play" will help you make a better connection with the piano and music.

To become a good piano player you must become a good listener

You need to become a good listener to become a good pianist

You know there is a difference between listening and hearing? Oftentimes people build their physical ability, they build their mental ability but they assume that they are listening but in reality, they are just hearing.

Conscious listening is the key what I am trying to explain here. It is not a thing that you will develop in a day or two. You need mental peace and patience.

But you will question why I am bragging about conscious listening and how it is related to piano. So, let me explain. As I said above you need to synchronize your brain and your fingers to become a good pianist.

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When you listen deeply to the tones you are playing your mind will develop a loopback chain with the tone and finger. You will able to catch tones and songs more easily and will help you to play it back more quickly and more meaningfully.

You have to open your mind as a listener to develop the proper skill set. Famous pianist like Martha Argerich, Lang Lang had developed these skills in a very small age and look where they are today.

Final Words

So these are the 5 points I think you need to emphasize more if you are really serious about your musical journey.

Piano learning is not an easy task, to be honest, but not too much difficult to if you are serious and dedicated toward your work.

As I said Piano courses like this are good, to begin with, they won't hurt your pocket and will help you gain a better understanding of the ground where you are in.

Hope this article will help you understand learning piano from a different perspective.

Till than,

Keep Playing and Spread Love

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