9 Best Acoustic Piano Brands Worth Your Money

Its more than 3 centuries and the melody and feel of an Acoustic Piano is still too challenging to replicate.

You can find lots of Acoustic Pianos brands came and gone since ages but there's just handful of them which manages to sustain this far.

Ranging from $2.5 millions to several hundreds dollars Acoustic Pianos are a perfect example of Luxury and Immense wealth, and this combination makes it the perfect playground for Brands to thrive.

Best Acoustic Piano Brands worth your money

But, Running a Piano Brands is not like running like a regular corporate business.

To sustain in this unique musical-corporate you need to be a magician too.

A Magician which can enter into the heart and minds of their Listener with just a press of a button, this can be achieved when your brands (instrument piano) can maintain :

  • World Class Quality
  • Extraordinary Tone and Melody
  • Expressive Feel

and all the above combined with craftmanship.

This is what a Piano promises to deliver and following are the brands which rules the Pianos market globally and deliver one of a kind melody and experience.

Best Acoustic Pia​​​​​no Brands - with Pianos


Acoustic Pianos

The Brand "Yamaha" needs no introduction at all.

As one of the Pioneer brands in digital pianos, and first manufacturer of Acoustic Pianos in Japan, Yamaha certainly dominates the musical instrument market Globally. 

I'm sure you have heard this brand name multiple times or at least come across it once in your life.

Yamaha has earned a reputation over the years because of its features and melody that it resonates.

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner in learning the piano, an average performer or even a professional player, Yamaha is a brand that engages with you .

What Yamaha Acoustic Pianos Offers ?

Yamaha's Acoustic Pianos have a variety of options when it comes to music range.

They also have a ton of variety when it comes to their piano models that gives everyone a chance to decide their instrument according to the budget that they would prefer.

Appealing Look :

And of course, when it comes to the design of their Pianos, they have a very sophisticated yet classy look.

Most people prefer Yamaha because of their design itself, but I think there's much more to look for when considering purchasing an instrument.

And Yamaha does that by making sure to settle between the high quality arena and also the mediocre or the average arena for people who might not be able to purchase a very high end piano. 

They make that distinction and that's the reason it's been a prominent competitor in the brand of pianos and has held a reputation that's been consistent over the decades.

Reference - Yamaha Upright Acoustic Pianos



The next brand that comes on my list is the brand 'Bösendorfer'

Bösendorfer is known to have piano builders that have a range of grand models just for you.

Their instruments are versatile and have a uniqueness to them.

By this I mean that Bosendorfers instruments do give you the quality and performance in their instruments.

Sound :

As you might already know, the tone of the piano is the most important factor and the Bosendorfer piano gives you a tone which is constant, rich and sustainable.

When it comes to construction, all the elements work together to form the final sound of the instrument.

Their instruments are quite known for their sustaining quality.

Natural Wood Construction :

Bosendorfer Pianos construct their pianos with solid wood.

They also have a solid soundboard quality.

This helps in good sound overall and creates a traditional and rich look to the piano at the same time.

Glossy Finish :

The Bosendorfer Pianos have a polyester finish.

This means that the pianos have high gloss finishes. This makes it durable and doesn't require much work, as they are easier to maintain.

They have a collection of Grand pianos, concert grands and many more unique selections of instruments.

Emotions are one of the factors that is given prominence to for the touch.

You will experience this while you sit with the instrument.

On the other hand, the sounds of the pianos are extremely playful, so you can explore new dimensions when it comes to music.

Lastly, I would like to say that there is of course, a luxurious attire to the instrument. You must have noticed this after looking at the image above.

If you are someone who's looking for originality in sound and prefer an instrument that is out of the ordinary, I suggest that you get your hands on this one.

Reference - Bösendorfer Pianos

Grotrian Pianos


Grotrian is a luxury piano brand that is originally based in Germany and are quite well known for the Acoustic Pianos that they offer.

The Luxury Tag makes it quite rare to spot on and whenever does no-doubt it turns out to be center of attraction.

Grotrian pianos are also known to offer you precision when it comes to sound.

Their goal is aiming towards perfection. This is what they believe in and the construction and sounds are something that has been a priority since the early times.

They have a variety of Grand and Upright Pianos that follow their goal.

Grotrian Duo - The One of a kind approach

The Grotrian duo is a unique way of construction and combination of two grand pianos joined together, so it can be played as one instrument. This is very beneficial for any music lover.

Also, two individuals who would prefer practicing together can make use of the Grotrain Duo.

It could also be helpful for a teacher and a student. This makes the entire process of learning more fun and innovative.

Unique Selling Point - The Back Constructions :

Something that creates value and provides uniqueness to the brand is the degree of stability at the back side of the piano. This is one of the factors that create more conversations among people.

The reason being is that on the back side there is a  'star shaped' construction that has supports built for the force of string sounds to be more vibrant.

This is not a very common construction created on instruments and has definitely built up more hype in the market.

Perfect Balance Between Luxury and Melody :

The next feature on their keyboards is the mountain spruce technique.

This makes for a higher quality soundboard and means that there is a balance with every sound that's played and a sense of synchronization.

Learning with technology makes the experience in a way, more fun and creative.

Reference - Grotrian Acoustic Pianos



Kawai is a major piano manufacturer brand that is known for its innovativeness and performance.

The action of the piano is known to be responsive and allows for speed and ability to learn.

As the tone is important as well, Kawai's is different from other regular pianos because they comparatively have a tone that's warm and rich in sound.

Leg Ro​​​​​om:

Another factor that I want to highlight for Kawai is the leg room. This is really helpful for people who are much taller and require space to keep their legs below while playing the instrument. This is a benefit that most people would be in favour of.


Kawai instruments also have a durable and strong action. This results in a light and responsive manner while you place your hands on the keys.

All Kawai models have a dynamic range and compact models which help more variation and provide you a range that you can choose from.


Another important thing that's noticed is that each key has its own sound and vibration. This is one factor that every musician or learner aims for, which is making sure that there's no overlapping of sounds and each key holds its sound individually. This is what can be found in Kawai's instruments.

Other than that, Kawai has some of the digital pianos that come in handy for musicians.

They are user friendly and have good action and touch sensitive keys.

That is why their digital pianos are prominent especially in today's days.

Lastly, Kawai is a good choice if your main focus is on quality for a warm and clear sound.

Reference - Kawai Us



Sauter is the oldest European manufacturing company that is particularly known for the variety of finishes and styles made available for you.

When it comes to the tone of the instrument, it is clear and vibrant.

What do they build?

Sauter builds grand pianos and upright pianos.

Their pianos have modern art which is the first thing you notice when you place your eyes on them. They also have butterfly lid on the upright pianos that give a great visual effect.

The design of the instruments make the ‘luxurious’ aspect more visible.

Action and Tone:

There are also German precision machines to make the action and tone of the piano the main concern.

Sauter has the harmony and precision in all their instruments. It uses high quality strings , clear tones that make sure that the interaction of you and the instrument is made easier.


There is one secret that is used in their pianos that is unique.

It is the Sauter Spherical Concavity. This is basically a tone enhancing hollow that is imparted by using a manufacturing process.

What this does is help for a much lively and bright sound while you play the instruments.

 This feature is especially created by Sauter itself.

Overall, you will experience luxury , quality and performance abilities.

Reference - Sauter-Pianos

Steingraeber and Sohne

Acoustic pianos

Steingraeber and Sohne have a variety of grand and upright pianos that are handcrafted in Germany.

Their manufacturers are elite that have created these instruments .

Their instruments are usually known to be played at concert halls and huge arenas.

What they do for Pianists:

They give pianists the ability for variations and modifications.

They also have a dynamic range available to their instruments.

Standing out Factor:

What stands out for their pianos is the fact that they increase new developments in their construction for world class instruments, which means they do keep improving their standards to benefit us.

Lastly,their pianos are also based on family traditions and modern construction.

This means that there is a traditional hallmark that creates more recognition and can attract a larger audience.

Reference - Steingraeber Pianos


Acoustic pinaos

They have upright and grand pianos that are known to be handcrafted.

Known for its sound and touch, the C.Bechstein will give you reliability and affordability.

These pianos can be used by both beginners as well as professionals.

They have been appreciated by composers and artists who are quite famous in the music industry.

It provides you with a range of tone colours as well and elegant touch.


One thing that has made their instruments more prominent is that the tuning and voicing of the instrument is well regarded by specialists who blend the tone and touch of the instrument, making it sound vibrant overall.

The soundboard of their instruments is another factor that makes the sound more stabilized and grand.

Reference - Bechstein


Acoustic piano

 Fazioli is one of those pianos that are unique in its own way and has a finished look to it.

They have been producing grand and concert grand pianos for a while now.

Fazioli instruments are known to be used mostly at concert stage performances.


The name Fazioli is actually inspired By Paolo Faziol and founded by the man himself.

He studied music and he had a connection towards playing the piano.

Because of his passion and commitment to the piano, he decided to build his own under his name. How cool is that?

He started from scratch and it turned out well with experts and his group of friends.

What do they offer?

They have a variety of concert and grand pianos  that are unique in their own way.

They also have a vast choice for their instruments with a dynamic range.

They are highly consistent and the tone is the main factor that stands out for them.

Reference - Fazioli


Overall, these are piano brands that will definitely suit your needs and I hope I was able to give you certain clarity and engagement that got you reading up till here.

Choosing an instrument is definitely a big deal for us and not an easy choice to make.

But these brands are well known and at the same time they are well suited.The decision always lies in your hands and hopefully you make a choice that fits perfect for you.

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