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Best 4 Channel Mixer

Best 4 Channel Mixers Reviews

Progressively more persons are exploring the exultation of operating the extensive assemblage of more and more economical home audio instruments to excel the yield of their recording activities.

Similar stuff is applicable for facilitating congenial methods of playback too.

Now, you do not require to be within the boundaries of the default offerings of your recording equipment.

The very best option to sizzle up things for the home studio is by implementing an excellent 4-channel mixer.

There is some good news for you too, as the 4-channel mixers are increasingly getting within the budget.

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You can easily spend a fortune if you wish to for having any mixing board, whereas a basic 4-channel mixer is more than enough to get access to various playability functions.

Meanwhile, one needs to ensure that that everyone is in equilibrium position.

To provide you with deeper insight and guidance, we have reviewed 5 of the best 4-channel mixers with reasonable price tag.

Best 4 Channel Audio Mixer Under $30

Behringer Microamp HA400 Ultra-Compact 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier

4 channel mixer behringer

This particular model provides you with four inputs for the headphones, delivering you an abundance of substantial recording alternatives.

For let’s say that, one and all can apprehend the other effectively in a studio environs, and in addition also have the ways of monitoring the metronome track during the recording of the song.

The volume of all input can be adjusted by you meanwhile the quality still remaining clearer.

It also being a superb method of boosting the likes of laptops or PCs.

Which otherwise has an inferior default audio output, and the prime fact that it goes well with the DC adapter too!

Check This Video Review Of Behringer HA400

4 channel mixer dJ Under  $100 *

Mackie 402VLZ4, 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer with High Quality Onyx Preamps

Mackie 402VLZ4, 4-channel Ultra Compact Mixer with High Quality Onyx Preamps

Ultimately, Mackie presents to you another option that is worth considering.

The 402VLZ4. The mixer has yet absolutely spectacular collection of features.

This mixer too has low noise representation along with impressively elevated headroom, both of which makes it a splendid choice to make for the audiophiles.

The Onyx mic preamps provide you considerable frequency feedback, that is a 128dB range.

The fanatic packed outline classifies it as a prime choice for the ones who are short of space.

Mackie Mixer - (PROFX4V2)

Mackie Mixer - Unpowered, 4 Channel (PROFX4V2)

Further in line, we have the PROFX4V2 mixer.

The close-packed unit has 4- noise mic preamps.

In case you are eager for twisting knobs for multiple sounds, then the various choices present in the mixer is going to interest you to a maximum extent.

You have ingress to 16 divergent effects, and every single one of them perchance be modified or integrated into discrete sounds.

It’s apt for recording as well as live performances as there is extra bass, additional reverb, and added gain.

Pyle PMX402M 400-Watt Powered Mixer with Aux Input, USB/SD Readers, Headphone Jack

Pyle The best 4 channel mixer

In this model, we have a prosperity of features that covers it up.

The particular unit comprises of 5 band equalization, 4 high resistivity inputs, RCA recording jacks as usual mixers.

Apart from Usual PMX402M also has USB as well as SD card readers, an LCD display arrangement.

And the other best part is it also compatible with a multitude of mobile devices such as, MP3 players, smart phones and tabs. 

The model from Pyle represents a powerback performance be it for recording or playback function.

And the various functions and alternatives classifies it as a notable 4-channel mixer present in the list.

Recently, I noticed that the brand Pyle has discontinued PMX402M. The other mixers with almost same specifications and somewhat similar price tags are Rolls MX51S , Alesis MultiMix 4 USB FX | Four-Channel USB Audio Mixer with Integrated DSP Effects. BTW, my personal favorite is Rockville RPM45

4 channel mixer with effects Under $250

Shure SCM268 Microphone Mixer, 6 Transformers, Phantom Power

Shure SCM268 4 channel mixer usb

With this model there is also a surge in the price, as Shure is a renowned brand, though popularly recognized for being the lead producer of microphones.

In the audio segment they are aware of their grounds.

There are 6 transformers in this model, that ensures you get to experience least of RF obstructions.

It is an apt instrument for monitoring purposes which can be easily rack mounted provided you are very much into the home studio action.

Rest notable features have the Aux inputs, LED output measure, an Aux output, and also sufficient power for uninterrupted work with the aid of the Shure condenser mics.

How To Maintain Your Audio Mixer

pioneer dj mixer maintenance guide

For the longevity of your 4-channel mixer, you must ensure that the mixer is stored in a comparatively cleaner surrounding.

There must not be any dust or residue on the knobs or input jacks or the faders, for which frequently dusting must be done.

In place of using any harsh chemicals to clean the mixer, you must opt for simpler options such as chamois cloth.

You must have responsible behavior when you are around such equipment that is keep away edible items and drinks.

In case you give way to possible spills, you may land up in a hot soup wherein your mixer will have to go under repairs and replacements wholly or partially.

So, you must make all initiatives to take the due care of your mixer.

The best 4 channel mixer - Conclusion and My Pick

My choice in audio mixer - Rockville RPM45

Rockville RPM45

I have also covered all types of Audio Mixers previously, so don't forget to check them too. click here

The above mentioned models from different brands are available without much effort.

Irrespective of the choice you make amongst them, the functions and operations delivered by them be it in respect to recording, or mixing, and also playback are no wonder just amazing.

And in fact superior to the prices being charged in return.

There is no need for you to fret over concerns such as hearing disturbances, balancing of the various inputs.

If its a mini home studio, a good 4 channel mixer shall always provide you the required amount of genuine functions without consuming a lot of your available space.

If you ask me to pick one from the above 5 then I will surely go with Mackie Mixer - Unpowered, 4 Channel (PROFX4V2) as it is the best performer in all criteria with a genuine price tag.

Which of these are best according to you ? 

Did you have any first hand experience with some other model or any of these?

Did we missed something? Or do you want to know something more ?

Then kindly let us know in the comments below. Your comments keeps us motivated to produce more contents like this.

Hope our review of 4 Channel Audio Mixer helped you in taking a better decision.

Till then,

Keep Playing ans Spread Love.

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