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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Casio CT-X5000 Review – The All In One Workstation For Music Makers

Casio CTX 5000 Review

As expected from Casio, it never ceases to surprise us and bring the finest of fine quality musical instruments with ultimate features that not only excites their player but also surprises their competitor. The CTX line is one among them which are solely determined in producing portable and high-quality piano keyboards with robust sound system and[read more]

Keyboard Vs Digital Piano ? Which is better ?

Digital Piano Vs Keyboards - Differences

Its borderline difficult for general audience to differentiate between Digital Piano Vs Keyboard. As a rule of thumb for majority of peoples – “Any musical device with black and white keys is termed as Keyboard”. Somehow, The visual characterization justifies the definition, but the core functionalities and purpose of both instruments are far-flung for musicians Well, it may[read more]

Digital Pianos vs Synthesizers – The Purpose Explained

Digital Piano Vs Synthesizer

At first glance Synthesizers looks like just another hi-tech Piano/Keyboard. But there’s lots of difference between Synthesizer and Piano. Diving deep into the ocean of key instruments can be a cumbersome as well as confusing affair for the newcomers in this segment. When we say confusing, we must have some major points on the basis of which[read more]

Rhythms In Music : The Definitive Guide

Rhythms in Music and Piano

If you are new to learning the piano and still not sure about the basic, worry not, it’s a given.There is no surprise when the beginners are not aware of the basic terminology and their uses.As one grows by practicing and putting their heart and soul in it.Also, you cannot judge yourself too soon.Coz, down[read more]