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Monthly Archives: April 2020

Best Metal Guitars Under Budget. Beginner Friendly

Best Metal Guitars On Budget

The Ultimate Guide To Metal GuitarHaving played Guitars for over 15 years in which mostly I played metal and also associated with some bands, I deduced that it matters much what the player considers the best metal guitar to be like. Though there are certain guitars that absolutely seem near to perfect for majority of the[read more]

Is Bass Easier Than Guitar ? What’s The Reality ?

Which Is Easy To Play Bass or Guitars

Bass Vs Guitars – The Learning Curve Explained Many people thinks that bass are easier than Guitar. But is it really true ? In short and sweet words – “No It Is Not” The logic behind claiming that bass are easier then guitar is because it has 4 strings only. Many people make fun of bassist by saying[read more]

American Standard Stratocaster Review

American Standard Stratocaster Review

Check Offer Price A Little History Of The Brand “Fender” Fender American Stratocaster is one of the most famous Guitar Series by the brand “Fender”.  The Stratocaster guitars helped the brand to reach new heights and gave the competitors like Harley Benton and Schecter a close to close nose fight. The success of Stratocaster gave birth to[read more]