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Monthly Archives: February 2020

KRK Rokit G4 Monitor Speaker Review

KRK Rokit G4 Monitor Speaker Review

Check Offer Price Rokit G4 Audio Monitors The Better Just Got Best Today we’re checking out the Rokit G4 family of Studio Monitors from KRK systems. The Rokit monitors have been incredibly popular and with the G4 release they’ve been upgraded and enhanced to provide even better performance in the recording studio. The Rokit Generation 4 (G4)[read more]

JBL 104 One Series Audio Monitors Review

JBL 104 Studio Monitor Review

Check Offer Price The Budget Friendly Desktop Reference Monitors In today’s review we will look at another great but budget friendly studio monitors the new JBL 104 monitors which is also known as JBL Professional 1 Series, Compact Powered Desktop Reference Monitors. Now the brand “JBL” promises that these tiny audio monitors are supposed to give[read more]

10 Best Looper Pedal Rated and Reviews

10 Cheap and Best Looper Pedals

Pedals – Must Have Instrument For Guitar LoversIn a live concert, many guitar players often find themselves too confined by the very physical limitation of having just two hands and one instrument. But with the help of looper pedals for guitar, only one musician takes the place of a whole band by looping tones over other[read more]

Acoustic Guitars with Indeed Low Action Height

5 Of The Best Acoustic Guitars with Indeed Low Action Height

Do You Really Need Low String Height Acoustic Guitars ? The following list includes all acoustic guitars, which are an immediate produce of the factory setup, with a low action height, that is congenial for almost every guitar player, specifically the beginners. The Low Action Guitars mentioned in this list are selected via our personal experience[read more]