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Monthly Archives: January 2020

6+1 Best Audio Interfaces Under $100

5 best audio interfaces review under $100

Why I Chosen These Interfaces ?Howdy music lovers, This is a special “best of” style post and this time I am reviewing the Best 6+1 Audio Interfaces if you are in a budget. Under $100 to be exact. I’ve got the top Seven budget audio interfaces and tested them all on various verticals like vocals, guitars,[read more]

10 Best Budget Audio Mixers Reviews

10 Best Audio Mixer cheap and budget friendly

Audio Mixers Interfaces For Next Level Mixing 10 Best Budget Audio Mixer Review : Audio Mixing is an art and is not something everyone can able to do. Blending music requires skills and knowledge along with creativity.But do you know :The recording console offers a tons of feature that can make even a seasonal musician[read more]

5 Best 10-Inch Guitar Speakers

10 Inch Guitar Speakers Reviews

10 Inch Guitar Speakers With Balanced Sound and Performance A guitar speaker is of great importance for the ones who have the ability to record just with the aid of a guitar and a microphone in the hands. The guitar speakers are mostly available in 3 distinct sizes of categories.8 inch 10-inch 12 inchAs of now, we shall[read more]

10 Best Budget Studio Monitor Speakers Worth Your Money (2020)

10 Best Studio Monitor Speakers Reviews

Powered Audio Monitors For Next Studio Setup 10 Best Budget Studio Monitors Speaker: When you are going to set up a music studio, you have to keep many things in your mind and Monitor speakers are one of most essential instrument you need in your studio or home. Buying microphones, digital keyboards, and other musical instruments are[read more]