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Monthly Archives: November 2019

Kali LP Series (LP 6 and LP 8) Audio Monitors Review

Kali LP 6 and LP 8 review Audio Monitor

Check Kali LP 6 Offer Price Check Kali LP 8 Offer Price Today we’re checking out the new line of Budget Friendly Audio Monitors the Kali Audio Monitors. The Kali LP Series Audio Monitors. The newer model has been completely redesigned and geared toward budget, accuracy and performance. So, let’s find out is it the right[read more]

Casio CDP 130 Review – The Mid Range Keyboard Piano

Casio CDP 130 Digital Piano 1

Casio CDP 130 review : CDP 130 is one of the highly recommended pianos from Casio when it comes to budget – cheap pianos.  The CDP 130 has 88 scaled hammer action keys which provide that same sensitivity that generally a grand piano offers. Scaled Hammer Action Keys means the keys gradually gets lighter at your upper[read more]