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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Fingering Chart For Flute

how to read a flute fingering chart

Basically a flute fingering chart is a representation of how to play notes on your flute. The chart represents the finger placement positions to play the specific note. The chart has several circles, the black colored filled circle represent that you need to press the specific key to get the mentioned note. And the hollow circle represent to[read more]

Casio LK-265 Digital Piano

Casio LK 265 Review - Lightup keys keyboard

Check Offer Price Why The LK 265 Light up Keys Keyboard Was Revolutionary Casio LK-265 Digital Piano Review : In 2017 Casio has launched 4 brand new models (LK Series {casio lk-175} and CTK 2550) of portable keyboards. And Casio LK-265 portable keyboard is one of them.It is a well-designed simple piano developed by Casio[read more]