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🎸 Best Firefly Guitars Reviews. The Budget-Friendly 335 Semi Hollow-Body

Firefly Guitars Reviews 335 Semi-Hollow

Did you heard the name of the Guitar Brand whose Guitars sells out within a couple of days as soon as it gets stock up? If you were not living under a rock then you probably have heard the name “Firefly Guitars”. Firefly Guitars is one of the most hyped guitar brands in today’s market and luckily[read more]

Firefly 338 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Review

Firefly 338 Electric Guitar Review - Splated Mapple Full Size Semi Hollow Body

One thing is for sure that we at Doom Squad Music loves to review those musical instruments which set up a healthy ratio between :Functionalities/QualityAffordable/Genuine Price TagAnd the Guitars we bought you today have successfully established a strong benchmark in both of our criteria. And it is none other than one of the most Hyped Guitar[read more]

Roland GP 609 Review

roland gp 609 intro

Roland’s goal has always been focused on creating a good playing experience. They are always up for innovation and detail in their instruments and are mostly highlighted for their ‘design’ and ‘sound’. Apart from this, they also have a huge range of instruments like the stage pianos, the upright pianos, portable ones and so on. Check[read more]

Korg PA 3OO review

Korg PA 300 : What makes it special?Korg is a Japanese company that creates innovative and high-quality instruments for professionals, and music creators in general. This would go for anyone to approach the instrument because of its functionality overall, and it helps in creating a good music experience for you. Here, I will be focusing on one[read more]