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Roland GP 609 Review

roland gp 609 intro

Roland’s goal has always been focused on creating a good playing experience. They are always up for innovation and detail in their instruments and are mostly highlighted for their ‘design’ and ‘sound’. Apart from this, they also have a huge range of instruments like the stage pianos, the upright pianos, portable ones and so on. Check[read more]

Korg PA 3OO review

Korg PA 300 : What makes it special?Korg is a Japanese company that creates innovative and high-quality instruments for professionals, and music creators in general. This would go for anyone to approach the instrument because of its functionality overall, and it helps in creating a good music experience for you. Here, I will be focusing on one[read more]

Casio CDP S350 Digital Piano Review

What makes Casio CDP S350 Digital Piano So Demanding? Check Price Everyone at Casio is proud of the CDP S350 because it redefines value in a digital piano offering hundreds of sounds, rhythms, recording features, and more at an incredibly affordable price. Casio CDP-350 is one of the most popular model ever in the field of[read more]

Roland FP 30 Digital Grand Piano Review

Roland FP 30 Digital Piano Review

Check Offer Price ​If you ever wanted a piano on your home and don’t have the space or budget for a full size instrument than FP 30 might be the Digital Piano you was looking for.The affordable digital piano FP 30 from Roland acclaims superb sound, feel and modern features with the natural 88 graded[read more]